toys for every letter from a to z

Toys for Every Letter from A to Z

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The alphabet is so fun, and so exciting for little kids to learn! No need for boring flashcards though, when you can learn through play. Here we are sharing our list of toys that start with each letter of the alphabet from A to Z – along with some fun learning ideas you can try!

You may have seen our list of show and tell ideas from A to Z, which I created when I was trying to think of ideas each week for my own daughter in preschool. I knew I’d have to do it again in 2 years when my son goes to preschool, and I figured there were many moms out there in the same boat!

Seriously, sometimes it’s just hard to think of something that starts with J, you know?

I decided to dive a little deeper with my A to Z lists, and also created a list of Foods from A to Z. Now I’m sharing toys for every letter from A to Z too!

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Ways to use this list of toys from A to Z

If you’re a mom, a homeschool parent, or an early childhood teacher, you probably know that kids learn best through fun activities when they don’t even realize they are learning.

These toys can be a quick reference for those show and tell days, or to play with different toys each week when you are studying a particular letter.

For example, if you’re learning the letter B, you might pretend to be a baker, build with blocks, burp the baby doll, and walk on a balance beam!

Maybe you’re looking for gifts to give and want to focus on giving gifts that just start with a particular letter. A kid named Riley would love to have a robot, a recorder, and a remote control race car I bet!

The Alphabet is a great baby shower or first birthday theme, and you could request that each guest choose a different letter of the alphabet and bring a toy or book for that letter.

Or maybe you want to add a new toy each week, starting with A and making your way through the entire alphabet! This can be a super fun and exciting way to learn all of those letters.

Whatever you choose, you’re guaranteed to have a fantastically educational time!

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Toys for Every Letter from A to Z

More Toys From A to Z

For more toy ideas for each letter of the alphabet, check out these lists I’ve put together.

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