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14 Toys that Start with N

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Last year, I started my series of posts on show and tell items from A to Z to help parents (like me) who were scrambling to find a show and tell item for their kids at the last minute. I included foods from A to Z, books for each letter of the alphabet, and toys for every letter as well. I decided to dive a little deeper and create move comprehensive lists for toys that start with each letter from A to Z – and here I am sharing the list of toys that start with the letter N!

Whether you’re looking for toys that start with N for show and tell, you’re a teacher who likes to have letter-themed toys for your alphabet lessons, or you’re looking for a gift that starts with N for a special reason (maybe you’re shopping for gifts that start with the same letter as your child’s name), this list is a great way to get started!

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Toys that Start With N

Necklace Making Kit

Let’s face it, girls love jewelry. If it sparkles and is shiny, chances are we want it. That is what makes this necklace kit perfect for any girl of any age. There are so many cute charms that come in this kit, enough so she can make friendship bracelets or necklaces for some friends, or mom, or sister.

Great quality, so no worries that the jewelry will break a day after it’s made. Let her pair multiple charms together to show a visual message about herself.

Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been popular for a very long time. All of my kids love them! Whats not to love about mutant turtles that can talk and joke and fight and love to eat pizza! Not to mention their master who is an oversized rat! They team together and train to defeat the all mighty Shredder! All of these characters are included in this toy pack.


Our favorite young fishy that broke the rules, touched the boat and defeated the odds of living in captivity. Nemo, the typical teenager, full of rebellion won all of our hearts. This toy set includes Nemo and a few of his classmates, and their teacher Mr. Ray. These fun guys can be used in the pool or in the tub. Each classmate sinks to a different depth, so when swimming, these toys can help enhance swimming abilities. However, for those who are not yet trained in swimming, these are a perfect bath time toy. Use Mr. Ray as a net to scoop up all the friends.

Number Plushies

We all know, early introduction of any education is beneficial. Well, these plushies begin teaching your babies, before they even know they are learning. Not only are they soft and durable, but these plushies are large and have friendly faces that even babies will love.

This set includes numbers 1-10 and each character is divided into segments to show which number they represent. Once your child can identify numbers and how to count, their plushie friends can assist them in how to add and subtract. Pretty awesome!

Noah’s Ark

Whether your family is religious or not, Noah’s Ark is a fun story. I’m an animal lover, so if I were given the chance to hop aboard the zoo boat, you would see me running to be first in line. This toy includes 9 different detachable animals and Noah to guide the boat. This toy has the option for the child to play music or for preset melodies to play. All children will enjoy playing with a boat full of animals. If you are religious, this toy is great for storytime.

Noodle Toy

These sensory noodle toys are great for autistic kids, or those who have ADHD or ADD, or the kids who seem to enjoy any style of fidget toy. These Stretchy noodles are originally 11 inches long, however, they can be stretched to a length of 9 feet! WOW! Also, they glow in the dark, so when the kids aren’t quite ready to shut their brain off when the lights go out, they can twist and pull on these stress noodles until they are calm enough for some shut eye.

Nerf Guns

Alright, if you have not purchased a nerf gun for your child, you are truly missing out on some great fun. The more kids, the better. We have a raging war at my house. Indoor activity and outdoor, however, I prefer outdoor, only because I worry about everything. The bullets are super cheap, so when they get lost in the woods or on top of the house, it is easy to replace them, and most of the time the bullets are interchangeable with any other popular brand of nerf gun. Honestly, my kids go crazy for nerf guns. Even the single shooter guns!  For beginners who aren’t strong enough to cock the gun (my 4 year old) they make motorized ones. Let the battle begin!

Night Light

Night lights are a great way to bring comfort to you and your children. Picking the best night light can be a bit stressful, at times. Some kids do not like just a plain white light, they prefer something more fun.

This night light projects the moon and stars across their entire bedroom. They have options of 17 different colors to choose from. There are 3 options that your child can pick for display. They can make the light spin, change colors or stay still. T

he lights are soft and not very bright, so they will not bother your child’s eyes. This light is perfect for sleep time, parties, or decoration purposes.

Nature Kit

Encourage your child to get out and explore nature with this Outdoor Nature Kit. It has so many different tools for your child to use. Binoculars for watching birds high up in the trees, and nets to catch the bugs that won’t let them get close enough to grab with their hands. They can use the tweezers to pick up beetles and examine them with the magnifying glass. Lots of nifty things to use. Watch their imagination run wild as they explore and learn about the tiny creatures of the Earth.

Nickelodeon Slime

Children these days go crazy for slime! Teachers give it out as rewards, so there is no way to stay away from it’s gooey and sticky presence. Any time the kids get bored, I hear “ Mom, can I play with slime?”. It keeps them happy. This slime pack has four containers, each with 7.5 ounces of slime that resembles a different food. It even smells like food.

There is slimy watermelon, Kiwi, gooey cake and tropical punch. All colorful with their own textured add ins. You child is sure to love playing with these slimes.

Nail Design Kit

Girls love to get their nails done! From the age of 1 to 110. This nail design kit is great! Over 790 nail stickers! Let them design their own glamorous nails. Mani Pedi Party? I think that is a great idea! Easy to apply and easy to peel off. Hours and hours of fun will come with this kit. So many cute stickers and glitter to make the perfect nail art.

Num Nom Snackables

More scented slime fun! Num Nom Snackables look and smell like a smoothie. This particular smoothie is candy corn scent. This fun set has little toys inside the smoothie slime that you have to scoop out with the spoon. Save your cute num nom friends before they are made into someones lunch beverage. Fun for all ages.

Night Mission Goggles

Your kids can be a secret agent with these Night Mission Goggles. They allow for your super spy to see up to 25 feet in the dark. Perfect for any costume, or cosplay activity. Great for indoor and outdoor missions. These green tinted lenses are the complete look for any super spy. 

Nintendo Classic console

Take the kids back to our childhood with the classic Nintendo console. No need to buy those $50 games, this console comes complete with 821 pre-programed games! All our favorites like Mario and Street Fighters. Have a family day and show them how great you can be at gaming! The special effects and quality aren’t as great as the new age games, but a little imagination can show these kids what gaming is really about! Very challenging levels for those kids who think they can beat our type of games.

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