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21 Fun Family Game Night Games To Play

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Ah, the magic of gathering around a table, shaking a dice cup, or drawing that game-changing card. Family game night games aren’t just about winning or losing; they’re a golden ticket to bonding, laughter, and creating a treasure trove of memories.

If you’re here, then I’m guessing you’re looking for some new enjoyable games to add to (or start) family game night at your home. Fret not, because we have the BEST game night games that you and your whole family will love!

Our family has a large collection of games that are perfect for spending quality time together. These games are compatible with a wide range of ages. Some can be made into a quick game, for when it’s a busy week. 

Have the entire family gather around the coffee table in the living room and set up for a quick, fun card game, or one of your favorite classic board games.

I have listed and described some of the best family-friendly games that I would highly recommend applying to your family game night rotation. I promise that your family will have so much fun. I have separated the games into two different categories. The first category lists some of the best games for households with young kids (although even the older kids will enjoy playing them). And then the second section has more difficult games for older players like tweens, teens and adults.

​With these games, you’re sure to have the most fun family game night ever!

family game night games

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Best Family Games That Younger Children Can Play

Candy Land Board Game

Candy Land is a class board game that whisks players away on a whimsical journey through a colorful world of sweet delights. Players navigate a winding path, from the Peppermint Forest to the Lollipop Woods, by drawing cards and moving to the corresponding colored spaces.

With its simple rules and enchanting characters like King Kandy and Princess Lolly, Candy Land is an ideal game for young children (my children started playing this game at 3 years old), introducing them to basic gaming concepts while sparking their imagination with its vibrant, sugary landscape. The first player to reach the castle wins!

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Ants in The Pants Game

This simple and fun game can be played by children of all ages, but is more popular with younger kids. It teaches kids how to aim and use skills to apply the right amount of pressure in order to make their ant spring inside the pants.

Fair warning: This game also results in a mess. In order to win, all the ants must be inside the pants. That sounds like a win-win purchase to me.

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The Original The Floor is Lava! Family Game

The Floor is Lava is one of my kids' favorite games! It's an energetic and interactive game that transforms your living space into a thrilling obstacle course. Drawing inspiration from the imaginative children's game where the floor becomes "lava," players must navigate through the room without touching the ground, using foam "safety stones" and "challenge tiles" to advance.

With spinner-directed moves and added challenges, this game not only tests agility and balance but also brings bursts of laughter and excitement to players of all ages. It's a dynamic way to bring family and friends together, rekindling the simple joys of imaginative play.

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Twister Ultimate Family Game

Twister is a classic game that challenges players to stay balanced in a tangle of limbs and laughter. With just two game pieces - a spinner and a large plastic mat dotted with colored circles in a grid - participants follow instructions from the spinner that dictates which hand or foot they place on a specific colored circle.

As more and more commands are called out, players find themselves reaching, bending, and contorting in hilarious and often precarious positions, trying not to collapse onto the mat. Twister is a party favorite that guarantees a lot of fun as players tie themselves in knots!

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Hungry Hungry Hippos

Hungry Hungry Hippos is a fast-paced tabletop game where players press levers to make their respective hippo "eat" as many marbles as possible from the central arena. The player whose hippo consumes the most marbles by the end wins. It's the perfect game of speed and reflexes, perfect for a variety of ages but especially popular with little kids.

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Chutes and Ladders Board Game

Chutes and Ladders is a captivating journey of ups and downs! Players navigate a colorful board, climbing ladders of good deeds and sliding down chutes of missteps. With each spin, fortunes can flip, keeping everyone on their toes. This classic board game is a great way for younger children to practice counting and directional skills. It's an easy game to learn, where twists await at every turn and each player hopes for that lucky climb to victory!

I loved playing this game with my friends as a kid, and have so much fun playing with my own children now. Classic board games are the best -- no skill involved with this one, just pure luck and fun. 

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DOS Family Card Game

If you love the game Uno, you'll love Dos - the dynamic sequel! In this exciting card game, players race to match numbers and colors, but with a twist: you can now throw down two cards at once! Dive into this vibrant, fast-paced game where quick thinking and bold moves could lead you to victory. Ready for a dose of fun? Try Dos!

(FYI - it took a second for my 7 year old and me to figure out this version of the game, but once we did we had a really fun time playing!)

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Guess Who? Board Game

Here's one from my childhood! Guess Who? is a fun guessing game! Players ask questions to figure out the other's chosen character. "Does yours have a hat?" or "Got blue eyes?" With each guess, you get closer to winning. It's a classic game that keeps everyone guessing!

This game is perfect for two young players, or can be a great way to spend time with your child on a rainy day.

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Hedbanz Guessing Game

Hedbanz is an exciting and hilarious party game that is perfect for players aged 7 and up (although my kids started playing around 5 years old). The game comes with a set of cards that feature different words or phrases, which are placed face down in the center of the playing area. Each player wears a headband with a card holder on it, and without looking at the card, inserts a card into their headband. They must then ask yes or no questions to the other players to try and guess what word or phrase is on their card before the timer runs out. The player who correctly guesses their card the most times wins the game. 

Hedbanz is a great game for parties and family game nights, as it encourages creativity, quick thinking, and laughter. With different variations of the game available, such as Hedbanz for Adults and Disney Hedbanz, there is a version for everyone to enjoy.

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Family Scavenger Hunt Game

Family Scavenger Hunt is a fun and engaging game that can be played both indoors and outdoors. The game includes a set of scavenger hunt sheets that players must use to find different items or complete various tasks. The game can be played individually or in teams, and is perfect for players of all ages.

With optional elements such as timing the hunt or making it a competition, Family Scavenger Hunt is a good idea for endless entertainment and challenges for the whole family. The game is a great way to promote teamwork and problem-solving skills, while also providing a great opportunity for some outdoor or indoor fun.

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Great Family Game Night Ideas For the Older Kids and Adults

Apples to Apples Game

Are your kids tired of the typical board games? Apples to Apples is one of the hottest toys, and is one that our family plays often on family game night.

Apples to Apples came out before Cards Against Humanity and is much more family friendly, but is a similar concept.

This game offers the opportunity for all of the family members to get together and have a great quality time. It’s great for young children to find a fun way to learn social skills while making people laugh at the same time.

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Pandemic Board Game

If you're on the lookout for a thrilling and cooperative games, I highly recommend Pandemic for your next family game night! It's a collaborative board game where players unite as disease-fighting experts aiming to curb global outbreaks.

Suitable for ages 10 and up, Pandemic fosters teamwork rather than competition, offering endless replayability with its unpredictable scenarios. Not only is it thrilling, but it's also a fun way to teach kids about global health and geography. Trust me, the shared triumphs and challenges of this game will make for an unforgettable evening!

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Escape Room The Game, Version 2

This is an exciting and challenging problem solving game that allows players to experience the thrill of an escape room in the comfort of their own home. Players must work together to solve puzzles and riddles to escape from four different rooms. Your family will love this game because it is a great way to bond and work together as a team while having fun.

With multiple rooms to escape from, this game offers hours of entertainment and challenges for the whole family.

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Catan Board Game

If you like strategy games, you'll want to add this to your game closetCatan is a captivating voyage into uncharted lands. As players, we've found ourselves engrossed in building settlements, forging roads, and trading resources on this ever-changing island. The game masterfully blends strategy, negotiation, and just a dash of luck. Whether striking a clever trade or racing to claim the longest road, Catan offers endless avenues for victory.

After countless game nights with my own family, it's clear: Catan isn't just a board game; it's an adventure that brings everyone together, leaving us eagerly awaiting the next round!

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If you have teenagers who speak through memes, then I PROMISE you this game is the perfect way to bond with them and have a good laughWhat Do You Meme? is a comedic showdown of wit and humor! Our family has roared with laughter as we paired the best captions with iconic memes, trying to create the funniest combo. New cards drawn spark a new wave of hilarity, with no two rounds ever the same.

If you're ready for belly laughs and memorable moments, "What Do You Meme?" is an absolute must-play at your next game night!

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Codenames Game

Here's a game that my family just started playing last year - Codenames! Codenames is a popular party game that is perfect for players aged 14 and up. The game is played with two teams, each consisting of a Spymaster and field operatives. The Spymasters give one-word clues to their team to help them identify the secret agents from a grid of cards that are laid out on the table. The catch is that the Spymasters must be careful not to give clues that could lead their team members to choose the opposing team's agents or the assassin.

The game is fast-paced, challenging, and encourages players to think creatively and strategically. With different versions of the game available, such as Codenames: Pictures and Codenames: Duet, there is a version for everyone to enjoy.

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Taboo Classic Game

Taboo is a word-guessing and party game that is perfect for players aged 13 and up. The game is played with two teams, and each team takes turns guessing words on a card without using certain "taboo" words listed on the card. The objective of the game is for a team to correctly guess as many words as possible within a certain time limit. 

This popular game is fast-paced and challenging, and encourages players to think creatively and quickly. It's a great game for dinner parties and family game nights, ensuring a great time with teamwork, communication, and laughter.

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Phase 10 Card Game

Phase 10 is a vibrant card game that's all about sequences and sets! Players work through ten varied phases, each with its own combination challenge. With every hand, strategies evolve, competitors rise, and the anticipation grows. Dive into this addictive game where outpacing opponents and mastering phases becomes a thrilling race to victory!

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Scattergories Classic Game

Scattergories is a brainstorming blitz! With the roll of a lettered die and a list of quirky categories, players race against the clock to jot down unique answers. From "fruits" to "book titles," the game challenges creativity under pressure. Every round sparks laughter and debates over ingenious or outrageous answers.

Having played it countless times, I can vouch: Scattergories is a delightful test of wit that always brings about bursts of laughter and friendly rivalries.

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Whozit? The Cooperative Guess Who Game

Whozit? is a masterful guessing game of intriguing personas! Players pick characters and drop subtle hints while the rest of the group works to determine their identity. From celebrities to fictional characters, the possibilities are endless. 

Whozit is a game we just started playing this year, and we really enjoy it!

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The World Game

This Geography Card Game is an exciting and educational game that takes players on a journey around the world. As someone who has played and enjoyed this game, I can confidently say that it is perfect for players of all ages who are interested in learning about different countries, flags, capitals, and locations. This simple game is easy to learn and provides endless entertainment and challenges for players.

With all 194 countries and a world map included, players can expand their knowledge of geography while having fun. I highly recommend The World Game for anyone who loves to learn and have fun at the same time. Get ready to explore the world and become a geography expert!

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Which fun family games will you play next?

Don’t wait for a family reunion to hang out with your family members. Get a game night on your family’s calendar asap! With this list of family games, we hope you’ve been inspired to try some different games and have a good time with the people you love the most.

So what will you choose for your next board game night? And are there other fun games that aren’t on our list? We are always looking to add new games to our collection, so leave a comment and let us know what to try!

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