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14 Cool Toys that Start with C

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Last year, I started my series of posts on show and tell items from A to Z to help parents (like me) who were scrambling to find a show and tell item for their kids at the last minute. I included foods from A to Z, books for each letter of the alphabet, and toys for every letter as well. I decided to dive a little deeper and create move comprehensive lists for toys that start with each letter from A to Z – and here I am sharing the list of toys that start with the letter C!

Whether you’re looking for toys that start with C for show and tell, you’re a teacher who likes to have letter-themed toys for your alphabet lessons, or you’re looking for a gift that starts with C for a special reason (maybe you’re shopping for gifts that start with the same letter as your child’s name), this list is a great way to get started!

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Toys that Start With C

Care Bears

Starting off our list of C words are the Care Bears! Care Bears have been around for ages, and were one of my favorite toys when I was a kid. They are so fun and there is a bear for every occasion!

Is it someone’s birthday? Birthday Bear is here for that! Does someone have a big game coming up? Good Luck Bear and Cheer Bear would love to tag along! Do you know someone who isn’t in the best mood? Well, Grumpy Bear is the perfect friend to take all that grumpiness away and maybe have Funshine Bear shine some happiness on them. These plush toys are really perfect for every age group.

Realistic Cat Toy

Do you have a small child that loves kitties, but you are afraid of them getting scratched? Maybe you don’t have enough time for a live pet right now. Good news, this toy cat offers the companionship of a real cat with none of the responsibilities!

It blinks and moves its head and legs like a real cat. You can hear it and feel it when it purrs. It even has hair that is designed to feel like a real cat. It has sensors to react to petting and hugging. Isn’t that awesome?

This is the perfect toy to allow your child to have the feel of a real pet, but no smelly litter box or bandaids will be necessary.

Card Games

Growing up, we didn’t have the endless supply of movies and video games at our fingertips, like we do today. We had a few movies in the cupboard and we had probably watched them 50 times. What else was there to do to pass the time? Play cards!

There are so many different card games, from classic Go-Fish, to the new age Phase 10 Truth or Dare. You can find a card game suitable for any age and it is a great addition to any playroom for when friends or family come over.

Chutes and Ladders

I loved playing this game with my friends as a kid, and have so much fun playing with my own children now. Classic board games are the absolute best gift! No skill involved with this one, just pure luck of the dice.

You want to roll the 6 so that you can get farther, but if you roll wrong, you will be heading down a chute behind the rest of the players. It’s a nail biting adventure that is sure to bring laughs to the table.

Car Toys

Something that kids can never have enough of, are toy cars. Seriously! If you have absolutely no idea what to get a kid, odds are, they will be ecstatic with a toy car.

I’m sure we have purchased close to 200 cars over the years. Do we still have them all? Of course not! But, they are inexpensive and kids can pretend to drive the Corvette or the Batmobile while they turn corners in the kitchen and blast through the hallway.

You can buy them the fun tracks that are made for the cars, or they can make their own ramps out of books.

Cell Phone Toy Chat and Count

Does your small child constantly reach for your phone? Our kids watch everything we do and want to mirror our actions. They see us playing on our phones, and they want to do it too. Get them their own smart toddler phone that will teach them along with giving them entertainment.

This toy phone allows your child to have pretend play conversations and voicemails and also teaches them the numbers 1-10 in a fun way.

Cash Register

What is something else that our children see us doing on a regular basis? Buying stuff. Whether it be groceries or new clothes, or, of course, a new toy for them, they want to buy something too.

My kids have spent hours and hours, days after days, playing with play money. Buying barbie clothes, or a new ball from their sibling. They even make believe they are McDonalds and order happy meals. Whatever you do, make sure the fake cash looks fake.

Don’t make the same mistake I did and buy the stuff that looks real, because when your child takes $6,500 of cash to school, they call the police. Lesson learned. Haha!


Another classic childhood favorite of mine is Candyland. This game requires no reading to understand how to play, so it is fun for all ages. The race to the castle takes you through sweet treat adventures that you little ones are sure to enjoy.

Coloring Book

Coloring books are a perfect gift for anyone. The tiniest hands can scribble across the lines, while older generations take their time to color the perfect masterpiece.

Coloring books are great for any occasion. Whether you are sitting in a waiting room trying to ease your thoughts, or your little one needs something to do with their hands while you wait for the waitress to bring your supper.

Camping Set for Pretend Camping

Do you have kids that love the outdoors and have an adventurous mind? A great gift idea is a pretend camping set. Let them pretend to camp in the backyard, during the day, or even set the living room or play room up for them to camp overnight in the dark.

They can roast marshmallows over their pretend fire and tell fun campfire stories. 


What do your kids do when you take a picture? Do they automatically shout out “ Let me see!” , I know mine do! Get you child their own camera. They can take as many pictures they want and look at them over and over.

Now you can say “Let me see!” each time you ear them snap a photo. A camera is a definite way to put a smile on your kids face. They even make drop resistance cameras, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking it on the first day.

Clown Costume

Are your kids always making you laugh? What better way to express their humor than with a clown costume? They are sure to love the funny rainbow afro and red nose, complete with the big clown shoes.

You might even get them a magic set for them to show you some silly tricks. Maybe even teach them the skill of a mime.

Cooking Set 

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. You guys know, wherever Mama goes, the children will follow. I worry a lot of the time, especially if I’m cooking with hot grease. I thought of a great idea, while I’m cooking supper, I have my kiddos go cook a pretend supper for their toys. It’s not a fail-safe, but it does work sometimes.

Kids do enjoy playing pretend cooking though. They come up with some bizarre recipes. A few days ago, my toddler brought me a bowl with a shark, barbie dress and stuffed duck. Yummmmy!

Checkers and Chess

Get the kids to work their brain and play a game of checkers or chess. These games take strategy and patience, and you may think they are only for older children. – but you’d be surprised at how quickly younger children catch on!

I always loved playing checkers, though I never quite mastered chess, but I do enjoy watching people play. Once they get the hang of it, they will want to have competitions often.

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