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15 Toys that Start with D

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Last year, I started my series of posts on show and tell items from A to Z to help parents (like me) who were scrambling to find a show and tell item for their kids at the last minute. I included foods from A to Z, books for each letter of the alphabet, and toys for every letter as well. I decided to dive a little deeper and create move comprehensive lists for toys that start with each letter from A to Z – and here I am sharing the list of toys that start with the letter D!

Whether you’re looking for toys that start with D for show and tell, you’re a teacher who likes to have letter-themed toys for your alphabet lessons, or you’re looking for a gift that starts with D for a special reason (maybe you’re shopping for gifts that start with the same letter as your child’s name), this list is a great way to get started!

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Toys that Start With D

Disney Action Figures

All kids love Disney! There are so many characters that have unique personalities, you are sure to find at least one that you child thinks is just the best!

Maybe you have a child that loves everything to do with being a princess, like my daughter. She would probably enjoy a Cinderella figure. Maybe she is fierce and independent. The perfect toy could be Moana.

Does your son like fast cars? Maybe he would like a Lightening McQueen toy. Or maybe they are more interested in the quirky characters like Forky and Duke Kaboom from Toy Story?

No matter how shy or outgoing your little one may be, there is a Disney Character that fits them perfectly!

Doctor Kit

How fun is it taking your child to the doctor? Not so much, huh? I’ll tell you what helped me with my kids. I got them their very own doctor set.

They have so much fun taking each others temperature and giving pretend medicine. They wear the Doctor coat and it even has an ID badge where you can write your child’s name!

They can be the doctor for their own toys and even see if you are running a fever. Now, when we have to go for a check up, it’s not so scary.

Dig It Up Dinosaur Eggs

If you are a science teacher looking for the perfect activity set for your classroom, this is it. Dig it Up Dinosaur Eggs are fun for small children and the older kids!

This set comes with 12 individually wrapped eggs with its own chisel. This is also a great toy for a family fun time activity. Mom or dad can help the ones with little hands to chisel out their dinosaur. The best part is that everyone has a different dinosaur!

DIY Slime Set

My kids absolutely love slime! I highly recommend you put this DIY Slime set on the top of your list of toys. With all the different colors, it is perfect for girls and boys! It even comes with a bonus glow in the dark powder to add if you want a more magical experience.

A tool kit is also included to help manipulate the slime and help build those fine motor skills! There are enough containers for if you want to use this as a party favor for a birthday, or if you want to give this wonderful set as a gift. 

Doodle Mat

My oh my how kids love to draw! Let me tell you about this awesome doodle mat. For one, it’s huge, so your child can lay on it and draw, or share the experience with a sibling or friend.

Secondly, it’s reusable! Your child uses water to draw, and after the picture dries, it disappears! And lastly, it also glows in the dark! It comes with two flashlight pens, so no need for the lamp to stay on, they can enjoy this mat in the dark also!

Dump Truck

Most kids love playing in the dirt and finding new adventures to be a part of. A very popular toy that all of my kids have loved is a simple dump truck.

Complete with realistic lights and sounds, this toy dump truck is sure to keep their imagination growing. They can load it up with dirt, rocks or small sticks and transport it across the yard to make their own rubble pile. Or, they may be wanting to dig a pond for their toys to fish or swim in. They have to move that dirt out the way somehow!

Dodge Ball

Are you looking for a gift that can be played by all the family members? A gift that is sure to get the body moving? I’ll suggest that you get a dodge ball. Pair up in teams and see who is the last one standing.

Dodge ball is a great way to improve gross motor skills and to teach kids how to be a team player. In this game, they have to be in the right place, at the right time. Doge left, doge right, jump up or duck, or they are out! Let your family test their skills with a game of dodge ball.

Don’t Break The Ice

Board games are our favorite thing over here! Don’t Break The Ice is a very simple board game that can be fun for the while family. The object of the game is very simple, so smaller kids will be able to understand the rules.

The object of the game is to take turns knocking out one piece of ice at the time, but to not let the penguin fall through the ice. This game helps kids learn strategy.

Dive Toys for Pool

Growing up, I remember when we would go swimming, our parents would throw change in the bottom of the pool for us kids to see who could get the most coins. Now, kids get the cool opportunity to fetch sea creatures and torpedoes!

Swimming is one of the best ways to exercise the whole body. Working not only the arms and legs, but the lungs and brain. Get your kids excited about swimming by throwing these fun toys in the pool and see who can gather the most!


One of the best toys that has been given to little girls for generations after generations are baby dolls. Every little girl loves playing the role of Mommy. Get your daughter a baby doll, complete with a stroller and diaper bag filled with all the necessities and watch her imagination go wild.

I bet you will be impressed by just how much she has learned from watching you and the rest of the world.

Dog Realistic Pup

What child doesn’t love a puppy? This realistic Golden Retriever has all of your favorite features that a real puppy has, but without the hassle and responsibilities.

This puppy is designed to bark when they recognize your voice. They blink and wag their tail. You can even feel the gentle beat of its heart. How comforting is that? Now your sweet child can enjoy this lifelike puppy with no mess to clean up and no late night potty breaks.


Toy ducks seem simple and overlooked when thinking of what to get a child, or what activity could be fun. Not only can the cute creatures bring fun to bath time, but they can also bring opportunities to win other prizes.

Have you ever gone to a carnival and they tell you to pick a duck? On the bottom of that duck is a number that matches a prize. Why not buy a bundle of ducks and some cheap prizes for a fun family activity, or classroom celebration?


I used to be that parent who avoided giving my kids musical instruments until I realized what a great gift it really was! One of my fondest childhood memories is when I played in the band. There is no better feeling than to be sitting on stage in front of hundreds of parents, playing your heart out.

Music is therapy for the soul. It is a form of art. Allow your child to express their innermost feelings by projecting them into a musical instrument.

Mastering the drums not only builds character, but can land them a pretty awesome job one day. Rock on!

days ago, my toddler brought me a bowl with a shark, barbie dress and stuffed duck. Yummmmy!


The classic game of Dominos has been around for many many years. It’s a simple game that can be enjoyed by a single player or multiple players. Not only is it a fun game to have a competition with, but it is also fun to stack dominoes in a cool design and then make them fall one by one. It’s pretty amazing to watch the end result. Teaching us that a masterpiece can be changed with one single movement. How will you choose to play?


Has your child watched any movies, or read any books that have a Dragon that is guarding the treasure? Do they enjoy Lord of The Rings, or How to Train your Dragon? Maybe even the kids show Dragon Tales?

There is surely to be a dragon that your child adores. Have him or her paint their own replica to keep as their own with this dragon paint set.

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