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15 Toys that Start with B

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Last year, I started my series of posts on show and tell items from A to Z to help parents (like me) who were scrambling to find a show and tell item for their kids at the last minute. I included foods from A to Z, books for each letter of the alphabet, and toys for every letter as well. I decided to dive a little deeper and create move comprehensive lists for toys that start with each letter from A to Z – and here I am sharing the list of toys that start with the letter B!

Whether you’re looking for toys that start with B for show and tell, you’re a teacher who likes to have letter-themed toys for your alphabet lessons, or you’re looking for a gift that starts with B for a special reason (maybe you’re shopping for gifts that start with the same letter as your child’s name), this list is a great way to get started!

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Toys that Start With B

Board Game

Are you looking to buy a gift that the whole family can enjoy? Do you need a game that all the kids can play when they have sleep overs? Instead of the traditional card games, try a board game such as Monopoly of The Game of Life.

These games take strategy and skill and are fun for all ages. The memories made playing board games are some of the best times.

Beach Balls

A lightweight and convenient toy that can make the outdoors more pleasurable is the beach ball. Not only can it be used to play volleyball, but the kids can play kickball with it or even a game of hot potato. Little kids can enjoy rolling the ball to each other and it has no sharp edges or small parts that parents need to worry about.  

Baby Doll

Baby dolls are a great gift for most kids – both my daughter and son have their own babies! Children have such a caring heart and love the opportunity to care for something of their own. The best way to bring out their responsible side is to get them a baby doll.

You are sure to see your child carry that baby around and feed it when it (pretend) cries and when it needs a new diaper. Children have the best imaginations and I assure you, you will only see it develop more once they have their own baby to care for.

Ball Pit

Do you remember when you were little, going to McDonalds or Burger King and playing in the ball pit? With the times changing, our kids do not get to experience that fun of hiding under the balls and jumping out to grab their friend – but they can recreate the fun at home!

The sneakiest game of hide and seek can be found in playing in a ball pit. Belly aches from laughing so much and then having a great night’s sleep after a long playdate in the ball pit. No disappointment can come from this toy.

Building Blocks

Do you have a toddler that can’t quite get a good hold on LEGOs, but they want to build things? Mega Bloks big building bag is just what you need to get for your little one. It is everything that the LEGO blocks are, but bigger, so your little one can hold them better and build whatever their imaginations make. 

Bowling Set

Bowling has always been a great game to bring friends and family closer. Playing one on one or picking teams. How great would it be to have your very own bowling set at home?

Teach the kids how to set the bowling pins up perfectly, and take turns returning the bowling balls. Maybe even have a snack bar that serves up nachos and hotdogs. 

Brown Bear (Teddy Bears)

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see? I see a cool kid looking at me! A perfect gift for anyone, the classic brown teddy bear.

Good for boys and girls. They can make the bear have whatever personality that they want.

If your daughter needs a friend for tea time, she can put a dress on brown bear. If your son needs a partner to fight the bad guys, who is better to have on your team than a strong brown bear!

Barrel of Monkeys

Have you seen Toy Story? When Woody was stuck outside and Bo Peep had the monkeys form a chain to save him? Yep, those were from a Barrel of Monkeys!

It’s not only a fun game to see who can make the longest chain of monkeys, but the monkeys can also be used by your children to save their other favorite toys. With a little imagination, nothing is impossible.

Balance Beam

Do you have a child that loves to tumble or one who is enrolled in gymnastics? Giving them their own personal balance beam is sure to bring them joy. Now they will be able to practice their moves and skills whenever they want.

This is a sure way to bring up anyone’s confidence. This balance beam is designed with your child in mind, so it is padded and safe for them to tumble upon.


One toy that never goes out of style, and is enjoyed by all ages, is the bicycle. It seems like every year, at least one of my kids is asking for a new bike. They just grow up so fast.

You start your toddlers out on tricycles, then upgrade them to a bike with training wheels, and before you know it, they are racing by without training wheels, popping wheelies. Fun and healthy exercise. You can’t go wrong with this toy no matter how old they are.

Bounce House

Younger kids have tons and tons of energy. If you want something that isn’t an electronic, that can keep them busy for hours and use up some of that endless energy? Get them a bounce house.

Most of them come with a ball net, so aside from just bouncing, they can also shoot hoops. This toy can be fun for a single child, or multiple. Sit back and enjoy while your little one(s) jumps and plays all day.


Older children have taken the game of Tops and turned it into a battleground, known in present day as Beyblades. These enhanced top spinners now come in 3 to 4 pieces and have a launch pad that you spin them off into the battle ring where these kids see whose beyblade is the best.

The object of the game is to burst your opponent’s beyblade into pieces. I’ve heard kids play, they take this game seriously.

Beanie Babies

Beanie babies are cute little animals that have been collected and played with by generations. Now these cute beanie pets are available in teeny tiny toys, for the smaller kids, or extra large ones for the ones who want to hug and squeeze a more life sized friend.

Each plush toy comes with a tag that tells you their name and a simple poem about the baby. Any child is sure to love one as a gift.


Barbies have been a young girl’s best friend for many many years. Barbies can go anywhere and do anything your imagination wants. They can have their own house and their own car and their own world right inside your child’s bedroom. They have their own wardrobe and their own friends, and your child is there to make the rules. Let their imagination run wild and let them make their own story from the comfort of your home.

Joyful memories coming from a simple liquid solution and a battery powered gun, to blow thousands of bubbles a minute. Something so simple and cheap, but to a child, is priceless.

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