best gifts for second baby

21 Best Gifts for A Second Baby (and Mom Too!)

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If you’re looking for the best gifts for second babies, you’re in luck! A second-time mom has different needs from first-time parents, and we have some great suggestions for those second baby gifts.

When it comes to shopping for babies, we typically think about diapers, wipes, clothes and bottles, baby bed, baby carrier, stuff like that. Well, when it comes to having a second baby, or third baby, or 10th, it gets harder to decide what a good gift could be. Baby number one got most of the baby essentials and mom probably has a lot of baby gear she can use again. However, during this baby sprinkle party, if you go by this list, the expecting mom will be thrilled with your wonderful gift.

Here are some of the best gifts for second baby to fit every budget!

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best gifts for second baby

Practical Gifts for a Second Baby

No matter if mom-to-be is a first time parent or having her second, fifth or 10th baby, these items are always needed. Some things can be reused after the previous child, but there are certain items that either need replacing after a certain amount of time, or just aren’t reusable at all.

Clothes for Baby Boy (or Girl)

If mom has publicized the gender of the new baby, it is a great idea to go ahead and stock up on new baby clothes. (Especially if the first baby, or babies, was a girl and now we are having our first boy baby.)

onesies for infant babies

Every new baby can use a new onesie or sleeper set, whether they are the second baby or more!

Click here for the best places to shop to find cute baby boy clothes for the new little brother, but also, these places have plenty of cute outfits for a little girl.

Newborn Diapers

Babies spend a majority of their time sleeping. What comes in second place? Potty time! Lots of potty time happens during sleep time, so finding the best diaper brand is essential.

Even if mom is into cloth diapers, disposable diapers are great for the transition into newborn motherhood stage. Lots and lots of diapers are used on a daily basis, so cutting down on trips to the washing machine will definitely be appreciated.

honest company diaper cake

This diaper cake from The Honest Company is the ideal gift for any new baby! Made with 70 diapers, it can serve as a beautiful centerpiece at the baby shower – and then can be used for the many diaper changes once the babies arrive.

You can read all of our recommendations for the best overnight diapers here!

Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are a great way to save money and help the environment by preventing thousands of diapers from going to the landfill. This cloth diaper kit is great for moms who want to try out the idea before fully investing.

Including 100% organic cotton diapers, organic washing detergent and organic diaper rash cream. No worries for allergic reactions on baby’s skin, and no worries for a useless gift.

Baby Wipes

Of course if a baby goes through multiple diapers each day, you will need to multiply those by the number of wipes, those numbers add up quickly!

If you aren’t sure of a preferred brand, you can either ask a family member of the mom, if you don’t want to ask her, or you can go on the safe side and get a brand that is safe for all skin types. 99% water!

Diaper Rash Cream

Chances are, Mama still has some diaper rash cream, from her first child, hiding in a drawer somewhere, but after it has been opened, it is only good for about a year. Diaper rash cream is definitely an essential when it comes to newborn babies.

So many pee diapers are rough on their sensitive skin, even with the most observant and attentive parents, chances are, the baby will get a rash at some point. Having a top of the line rash cream is a must!

Triple Paste diaper cream was the BEST product I found for my little ones. Any new mom would be happy to have a tub of this on hand!

Gifts for Older Siblings

The busy mom has a lot of stuff going through her mind. I guarantee, one of the last things on her mind is how to make baby number one feel special during this transitional time. It is really simple to make young children feel included during these situations. A simple personalized gift, or something to keep them occupied for a bit of time. Here are a few perfect gift ideas:

Biggie and Smalls shirt and onesie

There is no better way to shout to the world that the first baby is now a big brother or a big sister than giving them a gift that they can wear with their new title!

biggie smalls sibling set

This biggie/smalls shirt and onesie set is just perfect for the older sibling and the new baby.

Big Sister Book/ Big Brother Book

On the left, you see the big sister book we bought for Aren when her little brother was born. A personalized book like this, one with their name on the cover, is perfect – especially when it is a story that can help guide them on how to be the best and most helpful older sibling.

personalized books as a big sister gift from new baby

You can personalize the book to be big sister or big brother, and include their name.

Teddy Bear with Book

All children feel better when they get a stuffed animal. This teddy bear and book gift is perfect for the older children as they get ready to welcome the new baby. The book explains, in simple terms, what it is like being the big brother, or big sister.

While they read and start to understand, they have the comfort of their new teddy to assure them that everything will be ok.

Activity Book

Activity books that have different ways to interact and solve are a great option to keep big sister or big brother occupied. This activity book was designed with little hands in mind. No sharp edges, and safe velcro for attaching pictures to pages.

Let your toddler play and learn about animals, numbers, weather and more!

Coloring Books

Scribble scrabble art or Picasso style, it doesn’t matter, child art is priceless to us. A gift of coloring books is like a box of treasure to a child.

One coloring book is great, but an assortment of coloring books is absolute best way to soothe the toddler’s mind during this special occasion of the new addition to the family.

Click here for more great gifts for big sisters from the new baby!

Best Things for Second Time Mom

The new parents probably held on to a lot of the things from the first born, such as a crib, changing table, high chair and bottles (however new bottle nipples would be nice for a 2nd baby). Some things aren’t needed by a new mom with just one kid, and sometimes there are things that they did need, but didn’t get, or didn’t know about or think about. Maybe she has a second baby registry list, if not, check out what I have put together to help:

Double Stroller

If baby number one is still small enough to fit in a stroller, this will be your best friend! Toddlers get cranky and babies are super needy. Mom can hold both at the same time, yes, but that means she can’t do anything else.

With a double stroller, both children can go with mom everywhere, and mom can still function. This BOB Duallie stroller has been the best for us – but you can check out my other recommendations for the best double strollers to get more suggestions!


A co-sleeper is great for new parents or parents who do not wish to co-sleep or do not yet have their baby in a toddler bed. This HALO cosleeper keeps the baby as close to mom as possible, with the safety of being in his/her own bed.

Cosleepers are great for easy access for feeding or changing. Helpful settings and lights make sleeping and feeding easier. Check out our top recommendations for bedside cosleepers here.

Car Seat

Finding the best car seat is important. We have a list of 7 of the most recommended narrow car seats based on safety, convenience, comfort level, and bang-for-your-buck. If you have a smaller car or need multiple car seats in your vehicle, you’ll want to check these out!

Play Gym

A play gym for a baby is an important toy for developing motor skills. Getting the perfect play gym is essential. They need something that is soft and comfortable for their sensitive skin, but also durable so it will last through them moving around and tugging and pulling as they grow.

Lovevery play gym gifts for babies 0-3 months

The Lovevery play gym is perfect to grab their attention and assist in their first stages of learning.

White Noise Machine

White noise sound machines are amazing! This is a great idea for any mom having her first baby or second child, or whatever number baby this may be. It helps soothe the baby to a peaceful sleep and keeps the noise playing so the baby stays asleep.

The Hatch Baby Rest is the sound machine we’ve loved the most. There are multiple options for which noise to use. The white noise selection mimics the sound that the baby heard while in mom’s belly.

Backpack Style Diaper Bag

Now that mom has a second kid, carrying a hand held diaper bag just isn’t practical. She either has both babies in the stroller, or one in a stroller and one in a baby carrier. A backpack style diaper bag is a great gift. Find one that makes life easier, like this one.

This backpack diaper bag opens up to her very own changing station. The storage capacity is awesome, complete with an insulated storage space so milk stays the perfect temperature.

Car Organizer

Traveling can get a bit crowded once younger siblings are added into the family. Small children need drinks and snacks and wipes to clean up.

A car organizer like this one makes traveling with the entire family easier. 

Breast Milk Storage Bags

If mom breast feeds, she may already have a breast pump. However, giving her extra storage bags is a great suggestion. Breast milk is the best milk when it comes to feeding the littles. A little goes a long way when it comes to nutrients.

Breast milk is liquid gold, so as much as mom can pump and store, the better.

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Other Helpful and Thoughtful Gift Ideas

After looking through the entire Amazon baby registry and seeing that mom has pretty much everything that she could possibly need, try thinking outside the box. After the newest addition has settled in, and life is getting adjusted, nothing is simple.

Even though this isn’t her first rodeo, mom could still use a few extra special gifts. Not the typical Amazon Prime gift card, but something to make her breath easier. Take a look:

Cleaning Gift Certificate/ Robot Vacuum

A cleaning service would be greatly appreciated after the new arrival of baby number two. Mom will not have as much time to sweep, vacuum and mom like she did before. Having an extra hand around the house once or twice a week is fabulous.

However, if a cleaning service isn’t something you think she would want, I would suggest a nice robot vacuum. An extra hand, but full privacy.

DIY Spa Kit

Mama needs some self love time. A gift like a spa kit to remind her that she is important will make her happy. (Don’t forget to offer to babysit with this gift).

If you want to go the extra step, make her an appointment for a personal massage and spa day away from the house. Mama needs a little TLC.

Photo Session

After getting a clean house and a massage, I think a nice new family portrait would be a great idea! Book a professional, or have a DIY photoshoot. Those can turn out nice!

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