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The Cutest Woodland Animals Baby Shower Ideas

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I am absolutely in love with a woodland theme. We are discussing the woodland themed baby shower in this post, however, this party theme is also perfect for a birthday party or other special occasions. The colors are basic and have a natural look making it great for a gender neutral baby shower.

Children love animals, so some of the decorations can also be used as nursery decor. Repurposing materials is perfect for saving money! Another money saving tip with this awesome rustic look, many of the decorations can be found for free, or very cheap! Just take a look around!

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Woodland Baby Shower Decorations

Many of the decorations for a woodland animal baby shower can be found simply by turning to Mother Nature. If you live near pine trees, utilize them. If not, you can find a lot of these items online or even at a Dollar Tree or Party City.

Pine Cone Decor

pine cone decor

These are actually ornaments made of simple pine cones with a plaid bow. These can be easily turned into a garland by stringing them over a piece of jute rope.

If you are wanting more of a winter feel, you can simply paint the outer tips of the pine cones with silver or white paint to make it look like snow.

Bundled Birch Twigs

bundled birch twigs

Birch tree twigs are an easy idea and great for a woodland theme baby shower. These adorable tree branches are about 2 feet long, so they are perfect in their natural form.

Bundle a few together and use them as table decorations.

Pine Tree Tips

balsam tree tips

Pine tips are a wonderful addition for decorating. The beautiful green brings just enough color without taking over from the neutral color scheme. Fresh or fake, both are beautiful.

Laying them alongside some pine combs on the tables, or even filling mason jars with them would make perfect woodland decor.

Woodland Stuffed Animals

Stuffed woodland creatures make adorable decor for a woodland baby shower theme. These are also perfect for the new baby to play with once he/she comes along.

Burlap Banner and Garland

You bet that the welcome sign will be accompanied with the appearance of the forest animals. The welcome sign is important. It helps set the stage for what level of hype this woodland creature baby shower entails.

As we know, most baby showers are exciting for the new mom. So a basic and plain sign is ok, if that’s what mom wants, but otherwise, add in those favorite woodland animals.

This banner also makes a perfect backdrop for a virtual baby shower, to show the woodland theme behind the guest of honor.

Woodland Printable Sign

printable woodland sign for baby shower

A printable sign is very convenient for baby showers. Each section or table can be labeled by printing a cute sign that says “gift table” or whatever you need. Or if your baby shower location isn’t a place that is in plain sight, these signs can be used for a visual aid to get your guests going in the right direction.

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Woodland Themed Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Cakes that are for neutral baby showers can be some of the most beautiful cakes. A decorated cake can become super expensive, it is amazing the things folks can do with frosting and cake!

That being said, if you don’t have a limited budget, great! If you can go all out with a life-size forest creature made of cake, by all means do it!

But, if you do have a budget, guess what? You can also have a marvelous and delicious cake that will not be forgotten. I’ll prove it!

Naked Cake on a Rustic Cake Stand

rustic cake stand

This style cake is very popular for baby showers, birthday parties, and weddings. Just a simple layered cake, lightly frosted with white icing, still showing some of the “naked cake”.

For this woodland themed cake, placing the cake on top of a wood slice adds to that backwoods, rustic look. So many cake toppers can turn this simple cake into a main focal point. Topping it with fresh fruit or fresh flowers will add a burst of color, also.

Burlap Cake Banner

burlap cake banner

This adorable burlap banner with foxes and the baby name is just perfect. Adding some cute fondant woodland creatures, or maybe a few sprigs of the pine tree would add more “umph” to it.

Woodland Animal Cake Topper

Another simple, yet adorable cake. Layered cake, with a thick coat of chocolate icing. The trick to making it look like tree stumps is to apply the icing with long upward strokes to mimic bark. Then, add these cute forest animals and leaves to complete the look.

Food Table & Dessert Table

Food of any sorts is a must at a baby shower! Pregnant mama, of course, is eating for two, or three, and all the guests tend to enjoy snacking on the delicious and creative dishes that are only made for such events. These are sure to be a hit!

Woodland Animal Cookies

woodland animals cookies

Super cute cookies are always fun for a party! Furry friends and baby accessories. These are sure to be a crowd favorite!

How about a hedgehog cheese ball? Check out this adorable little hedgehog made out of cream cheese, chives, bacon, sour cream and sharpe cheddar. For his spikes, pecans work great, but also using thin sliced almonds works. Having this guy at the party will surely have him center stage. He won’t last very long.

Woodland Baby Shower Games

The best ways for folks to have a great time is to provide fun activities. A few easy ideas are: baby trivia, guess how many gummy bears are in the jar, or baby-shower bingo with animal shapes. We have a huge list of baby shower games (that don’t suck) here!

For your woodland-themed baby shower, here are some themed games.

woodland theme baby shower games

This downloadable set of 60 baby shower games is all you need for entertainment. Which sweet friend knows all the little details to answer the most questions correctly? Fun and silly games that anyone can play! Find it here on Etsy.

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Woodland Themed Baby Shower Invitations

Oh SQUEEK! I almost forgot the woodland baby shower invitations!!

These are one of the most important parts of the baby shower! Without them, how will everyone on the guest list know they are supposed to be there?

Make sure to send these invitations out way ahead of time so everyone can make plans for this super special day!

Also, something that will be very beneficial to mommy-to-be is to include diaper raffle cards with the baby shower invitations. These cards ask guests to bring diapers to the shower.

woodland animals diaper raffle cards

Any guest who brings a pack of diapers gets to put their card in a drawing for a prize. Now, if someone walks in with a diaper cake, I think they should get an extra raffle card.

Woodland Theme Party Favors

Party favors are not a requirement, but they are a kind gesture to say thank you to everyone who gave their time and appearance. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy expensive. It can be as simple as filling rustic baskets with little baggies of trail mix or bird seed party favors.

Some people choose to give little mini alcohol drinks, or a cute soap mold. All are acceptable.

Here are a few cute ideas:

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