baby boy and girl with middle names for quinn

150 Best Middle Names for Quinn (Boys & Girls)

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Looking for the best middle names for Quinn? We have a list of the 150 best ideas – 50 for baby boys and 50 for girls, plus 50 gender-neutral name combination – that will help you choose your baby’s perfect name!

Naming your baby can be a difficult task. If you are sharing the task with your partner, it can take a while to find a name that you both agree on.

But even after you decide on your baby’s first name, you still have to find the perfect middle name!

You want to make sure you choose a middle name that sounds good with the first name (especially if you’re the type of parent who will say their whole name when they are in trouble!).

It’s also important to choose a name pair that doesn’t create an embarrassing set of initials!

As someone with the initials of A, S, and S – trust me on this. I just avoid monograms now.

After getting ideas from real parents in moms groups, asking friends, and getting current suggestions from online parenting communities, I’ve compiled this list of beautiful middle names that go with Quinn for your baby.

The name combinations are sorted by first listing my top picks, then other middle names for Quinn, and are in alphabetical order. You’ll find feminine names first, then masculine names, followed by more unisex/gender neutral names.

I hope you choose the perfect name for your new little one! Here are the best middle names for Quinn.

At Parenting Nest, we do not believe that baby names have a gender, although many names are more traditionally used for boys or girls. Because this name is very gender-neutral, we are sharing both boy and girl name ideas – as well as unisex names – for you to consider. We hope you find the best name for your new baby!

baby boy and girl with middle names for quinn

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Top 10 feminine middle names for Quinn

A gender-neutral name of Irish Gaelic origin, Quinn evokes feelings of wisdom, strength, and modern sophistication. It’s a popular name that is both rooted in ancient tradition and feels refreshingly contemporary.

Here are my favorite middle names for Quinn:

  1. Quinn Azura – Azura comes from the Spanish word “azul”, which means “blue”. It evokes images of the vast blue sky or the deep azure sea – perfect if Baby Quinn has blue eyes!
  2. Quinn Brielle – Derived from the French name Gabrielle, Brielle means “God is my strength.”
  3. Quinn Charlotte – Of German origin, Charlotte means “free man” or “petite.”
  4. Quinn Elise – Elise is of French origin, a diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning “pledged to God.”
  5. Quinn Elowen – Stemming from Cornish origins, Elowen means “elm tree,” and is deeply rooted in nature.
  6. Quinn Everly – Of English origin, Everly means “wild boar in woodland clearing.”
  7. Quinn Grace – Derived from the Latin “gratia,” Grace signifies “gracefulness” or “divine favor.”
  8. Quinn Isabelle – Of French and Spanish origin, Isabelle means “pledged to God,” a variant of Elizabeth.
  9. Quinn Sophia – Of Greek origin, Sophia means “wisdom,” which pairs beautifully with the inherent meaning of Quinn.
  10. Quinn Vespera – From the Latin word “vesper”, Vespera means “evening star” or “evening”. It has a serene and tranquil vibe, reminiscent of evening’s calm.

With Quinn being a one-syllable name, you really can’t go wrong with middle names of any length. Quinn sounds great with both short and long middle names, giving you lots of options!

I would avoid middle names of queens – such as Quinn Elizabeth or Quinn Victoria – since it can sound very similar to Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria.

Of course, that’s just my personal choice, and you can choose any cute middle name you like!

Little girl Quinns can be super cute with very feminine middle names (like Isabelle and Charlotte), while unique middle names (like Azura or Vespera) are great middle names for a more modern vibe. I’ll include similar names in the list below.

Other feminine name ideas for Quinn

  1. Quinn Ainsley – Of Scottish origin, Ainsley means “one’s own meadow.”
  2. Quinn Alura – Of Latin origin, Alura means “divine counselor” or “inspiration.”
  3. Quinn Amelia – With Germanic roots, Amelia means “work” and evokes feelings of industriousness and diligence.
  4. Quinn Aria – Of Italian origin, Aria means “air” or “song/melody,” popularized by its musical connotation and TV shows.
  5. Quinn Blair – Of Scottish and Gaelic origin, Blair means “plain, field” or “battlefield.”
  6. Quinn Briar – Of English origin, Briar refers to a thorned shrub, evoking images of wild nature and beauty.
  7. Quinn Camille – Of French and Latin origin, Camille means “young ceremonial attendant” or “virgin of unblemished character.”
  8. Quinn Celeste – Of Latin origin, Celeste translates to “heavenly” or “celestial.”
  9. Quinn Delilah – Of Hebrew origin, Delilah translates to “delicate” or “weak.” It’s also known from the biblical story of Samson and Delilah.
  10. Quinn Eden – With Hebrew origins, Eden signifies “delight” or “place of pleasure.” It’s reminiscent of the biblical Garden of Eden.
  11. Quinn Eloise​ – Of German origin, Eloise means “famous warrior.”
  12. Quinn Evelyn – Of English origin, Evelyn comes from an old English surname, meaning “desired” or “water, island.”
  13. Quinn Freya – With Norse origins, Freya is the name of the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.
  14. Quinn Genevieve – With Old French and Germanic origins, Genevieve means “tribe woman.”
  15. Quinn Hadley – Of Old English origin, Hadley is a cool name that means “heather field.”
  16. Quinn Isolde – Of Welsh and Celtic origin, Isolde is a name wrapped in romance and legendary tales, often linked to the story of Tristan and Isolde.
  17. Quinn Isra – Of Arabic origin, Isra means “nocturnal journey,” and it refers to the night journey of Prophet Muhammad.
  18. Quinn Jasmine – From Persian origin, Jasmine is named after the fragrant flower.
  19. Quinn Jolie – French in origin, Jolie translates to “pretty.”
  20. Quinn Keira – Of Irish origin, Keira means “dark-haired” or “black” – a beautiful name for baby girls with darker hair.
  21. Quinn Lark – Of English origin, Lark refers to the songbird, evoking feelings of joy and melody.
  22. Quinn Liora – From Hebrew, Liora means “my light,” a luminous and bright touch to the name.
  23. Quinn Lila – Lila has origins in both Arabic and Sanskrit, meaning “night” in Arabic and “play” or “amusement” in Sanskrit.
  24. Quinn Luna – Of Latin origin, Luna means “moon.” Its celestial connotation gives it a modern, ethereal touch.
  25. Quinn Marie – Of French origin, Marie is derived from the Hebrew Miryam, meaning “wished-for child” or “bitter.”
  26. Quinn Mira – With roots in various languages, in Sanskrit it means “sea, ocean” and in Slavic languages, it means “peace.”
  27. Quinn Nova – Latin in origin, Nova signifies “new.” It has a contemporary vibe, often linked with cosmic novae.
  28. Quinn Odalys – With Spanish origins, Odalys is a graceful name meaning “attention” or “to allure.”
  29. Quinn Odette – Of French origin, Odette is the female version of Otto, meaning “wealth” or “fortune.”
  30. Quinn Penelope – Of Greek origin, Penelope is associated with faithfulness, as it’s the name of the faithful wife of Odysseus in the Greek epic, “The Odyssey.”
  31. Quinn Phoebe – From Greek mythology, a name meaning “brilliant” or “radiant.”
  32. Quinn Rose – Of Latin origin, Rose is straightforward and denotes the rose flower, symbolizing beauty and love.
  33. Quinn Selene – Of Greek origin, Selene is the name of the ancient goddess of the moon.
  34. Quinn Soleil – A beautiful female name, Soleil is French for “sun.”
  35. Quinn Thalassa – Originating from Greek, Thalassa means “sea.” In Greek mythology, Thalassa was the primeval spirit of the sea.
  36. Quinn Uma – Of Sanskrit origin, Uma means “tranquillity” or “splendour.” Uma is also another name for the Hindu goddess Parvati.
  37. Quinn Vada – With roots in German and Slavic, Vada translates to “famous ruler” or “water.”
  38. Quinn Xanthe – Of Greek origin, Xanthe means “golden” or “fair-haired” – a great name for a blonde baby girl.
  39. Quinn Yara – With multiple origins, in Arabic Yara means “small butterfly,” and in Tupi (a native Brazilian language) it means “water lady.”
  40. Quinn Zara – Of Arabic origin, Zara means “blooming flower” or “God remembers.” It’s a trendy name with ancient roots.

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Top 10 masculine middle names for Quinn

If you’re considering Quinn for your boy’s name, here are my top choices for the best middle name with a masculine feel:

  1. Quinn Alexander – Of Greek origin, Alexander means “defender of the people.”
  2. Quinn Bodhi – With Sanskrit roots, Bodhi means “awakening” or “enlightenment.” It carries a spiritual connotation, referencing the Bodhi Tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment.
  3. Quinn Ethan – Another Hebrew name, Ethan stands for “firm, enduring.”
  4. Quinn Grayson – Of Old English origin, Grayson means “son of the grey-haired one.”
  5. Quinn Isaiah – Hebrew in origin, Isaiah means “salvation of the Lord.”
  6. Quinn Luke – Of Greek origin, Luke denotes “light” or “luminous.”
  7. Quinn Matthew – Also of Hebrew origin, Matthew means “gift of the Lord.”
  8. Quinn Orion – Of Greek origin, Orion refers to the famed hunter in Greek mythology, and is also a prominent constellation in the night sky.
  9. Quinn Samuel – From Hebrew, Samuel signifies “asked of God” or “heard by God.”
  10. Quinn Sebastian – Of Greek origin, Sebastian means “venerable” or “revered.”

With Quinn as the first name, the possibilities are vast, and these middle names, rich in meaning, further accentuate its beauty and strength.

Other masculine name ideas for Quinn

  1. Quinn Aaron – Of Hebrew origin, Aaron means “high mountain” or “exalted.”
  2. Quinn Alaric – Of Germanic origin, Alaric translates to “ruler of all” or “ruler of all people.”
  3. Quinn Benjamin – A classic name of Hebrew origin, meaning “son of the right hand.”
  4. Quinn Blaze – Of English origin, Blaze means “fire” or “flame.” It has a fiery modern flair to it.
  5. Quinn Caius – Roman in origin, Caius was a common Roman praenomen. It may be related to the Latin word “gaudere,” meaning “to rejoice.”
  6. Quinn Caleb – Also of Hebrew origin, Caleb means “faithful” or “devoted.”
  7. Quinn Charles – Of German origin, Charles means “free man.”
  8. Quinn David – Of Hebrew origin, David signifies “beloved.”
  9. Quinn Daxton – Of English origin, Daxton is a modern name that combines Dax, meaning “leader,” with the common suffix “-ton.”
  10. Quinn Draven – Of English origin, Draven is linked with “hunter” or “the avian.” It’s also associated with modern pop culture references (the main character in the movie The Crow).
  11. Quinn Dylan – Of Welsh origin, Dylan means “son of the sea.”
  12. Quinn Edward – Of Old English origin, Edward means “rich guard.”
  13. Quinn Frederick – German in origin, Frederick means “peaceful ruler.”
  14. Quinn Griffith – Of Welsh origin, Griffith means “strong lord” or “chief.”
  15. Quinn Henry – With Germanic roots, Henry means “home ruler.”
  16. Quinn James – Of Hebrew origin, James is derived from Jacob, meaning “supplanter.”
  17. Quinn Jaxon – A modern spelling variation of Jackson, of English origin meaning “son of Jack.”
  18. Quinn Jorvik – Originating from Old Norse, Jorvik was the historical name for what is now known as York in England. It encapsulates a deep-rooted historical charm.
  19. Quinn Kai – Of Hawaiian origin, Kai means “sea.” It has become increasingly popular across cultures.
  20. Quinn Liam– A shorter form of the Irish name Uilliam (William), Liam means “strong-willed warrior.”
  21. Quinn Mason – Of Old French origin, Mason refers to a “worker in stone.”
  22. Quinn Mordecai – Of Hebrew origin, Mordecai possibly means “servant of Marduk,” a Babylonian god.
  23. Quinn Nolan – Of Irish origin, Nolan means “descendant of the noble.”
  24. Quinn Oliver – Of Old French origin, Oliver is derived from an Old Norse name meaning “ancestor’s descendant.”
  25. Quinn Percival – Of Arthurian legend, Percival was one of the Knights of the Round Table. The name might mean “one who pierces the valley.”
  26. Quinn Quillon – A bit of a tongue twister, but a good middle name if you like alliterations. Of Latin origin, Quillon means “crossed swords.”
  27. Quinn Rafferty – Of Irish origin, Rafferty means “prosperity wielder.”
  28. Quinn Rune – Originating from Old Norse, Rune means “secret lore.” Runes were the characters of the earliest written alphabet used by Norse and Germanic tribes.
  29. Quinn Ryder – Of English origin, Ryder means “mounted warrior” or “messenger.”
  30. Quinn Severin – Of Slavic origin, Severin means “stern.”
  31. Quinn Thorne – Of English origin, Thorne is derived from an Old English word for “thorn bush.”
  32. Quinn Tyler – Old English in origin, Tyler referred to a tile maker.
  33. Quinn Uriah – Of Hebrew origin, Uriah means “God is my light.”
  34. Quinn Victor – Latin in origin, Victor means “conqueror.”
  35. Quinn Weston – Of Old English origin, Weston means “from the western town.”
  36. Quinn William – Of Germanic origin, William means “resolute protection.”
  37. Quinn Xavier – Of Basque origin, Xavier means “new house.”
  38. Quinn Yosef – A variation of Joseph, of Hebrew origin meaning “He will add.”
  39. Quinn Zachary – Of Hebrew origin, Zachary means “the Lord has remembered.”
  40. Quinn Zephyr – Of Greek origin, Zephyr means “west wind.” It conveys breeziness and free spirit.

Unisex name ideas for Quinn

Maybe you aren’t finding out the baby’s sex until birth, and you’d rather decide on a nice name that would suit your child whether it is a boy or girl. Or maybe you’re having a hard time choosing just one name, and you’d rather not have to decide on a boy name AND a girl name!

Or maybe you just like the sound of gender neutral names. Either way, this list is full of good name options and their meanings!

  1. Quinn Avery – Of English origin, Avery is derived from an Old English surname meaning “elf counsel.”
  2. Quinn Casey – Of Irish origin, Casey means “brave in battle.”
  3. Quinn Charlie – Derived from Charles of German origin, Charlie means “free man” is is a popular choice for a girl or a boy.
  4. Quinn Dakota – Of Native American origin, Dakota means “friendly one” or “ally.”
  5. Quinn Ellis – Of Welsh origin, Ellis is derived from Elijah, meaning “the Lord is my God.”
  6. Quinn Emerson – Of German origin, Emerson means “son of Emery” and is often associated with transcendentalist writer Ralph Waldo Emerson.
  7. Quinn Emrys – Welsh in origin, Emrys is derived from Ambrosius, which means “immortal.”
  8. Quinn Faelan – Of Irish origin, Faelan means “little wolf.”
  9. Quinn Finley – Of Scottish and Irish origin, Finley means “fair-haired hero.”
  10. Quinn Greer – Of Scottish origin, Greer is derived from the surname which means “alert” or “watchful.”
  11. Quinn Harlow – Of English origin, Harlow means “rock hill” or “army hill.”
  12. Quinn Harper – With Old English origins, Harper originally referred to someone who played the harp or made harps.
  13. Quinn Hayden – Of English origin, Hayden means “hedged valley.”
  14. Quinn Hunter – English in origin, Hunter originally referred to one who hunted.
  15. Quinn Indie – This name, of English origin, is derived from “independent” or the idea of individuality. Indie can also refer to the word “indigo.”
  16. Quinn Jordan – Of Hebrew origin, Jordan means “descend” or “flow down.”
  17. Quinn Jules – Of Latin origin, Jules is derived from Julius, meaning “youthful.”
  18. Quinn Justice – Of English origin, Justice means “fairness” or “rightness.”
  19. Quinn Kendall – Of Old English origin, Kendall means “valley of the River Kent.”
  20. Quinn Lane – Of English origin, Lane means “path” or “roadway.”
  21. Quinn Lennon – Of Irish origin, Lennon means “small cloak or cape.”
  22. Quinn Lyric – From the English language, Lyric means “song-like” or refers to words of a song.
  23. Quinn Marlowe – Of English origin, Marlowe means “driftwood.” It carries both a vintage and contemporary feel.
  24. Quinn Morgan – Of Welsh origin, Morgan means “sea circle.”
  25. Quinn Murphy – Of Irish origin, Murphy means “sea warrior.”
  26. Quinn Noel – Of French origin, Noel means “Christmas.”
  27. Quinn Nyx – Of Greek origin, Nyx signifies “night.” In Greek mythology, Nyx was the goddess of the night.
  28. Quinn Oakley – Of Old English origin, Oakley means “oak clearing.”
  29. Quinn Parker – English in origin, Parker originally referred to a park keeper.
  30. Quinn Peregrine – Latin in origin, Peregrine means “traveler” or “pilgrim.” It evokes feelings of adventure and wanderlust.
  31. Quinn Peyton – Of English origin, Peyton means “fighting man’s estate.”
  32. Quinn Phoenix – Greek in origin, Phoenix represents the mythological bird that is reborn from its ashes, symbolizing renewal.
  33. Quinn Rain – Of English origin, Rain is a refreshing, nature-inspired name signifying the “rainfall.”
  34. Quinn Reese – Of Welsh origin, Reese means “ardor.”
  35. Quinn River– English in its origin, River, as the name suggests, is a fluid, serene name derived from nature.
  36. Quinn Rowan – Of Gaelic origin, Rowan means “little red one,” often referring to the rowan tree with red berries.
  37. Quinn Rylie – A variation of Riley, of Irish origin, meaning “courageous.”
  38. Quinn Sage – Of Latin origin, Sage means “wise.”
  39. Quinn Sawyer​ – Sawyer is of Old English origin. It originally denoted a person who earned a living by sawing wood, coming from the Old English term “sagu,” which means “saw.” 
  40. Quinn Saylor – An English name, Saylor is a modern variant of Sailor, reflecting the sea and navigation.
  41. Quinn Seren – Of Welsh origin, Seren translates to “star,” bringing a celestial glow to the name.
  42. Quinn Skye – With its Scottish origins, Skye denotes the “Isle of Skye” and also carries the meaning of “sky” in English.
  43. Quinn Skyler – Of Dutch origin, Skyler means “scholar.”
  44. Quinn Sloane – Of Irish origin, Sloane means “raider.”
  45. Quinn Taylor – Of Old French origin, Taylor refers to a “tailor.”
  46. Quinn Teagan – Of Irish origin, Teagan means “little poet” or “attractive.”
  47. Quinn Umber – Of Latin origin, Umber refers to a dark brownish-red color.
  48. Quinn Vesper – Of Latin origin, Vesper means “evening star.”
  49. Quinn Willow – Of English origin, Willow refers to the graceful willow tree, symbolizing flexibility and resilience.
  50. Quinn Winslow – Of Old English origin, Winslow means “friend’s hill.”

How to choose the perfect middle name

  • Check for weird or offensive initials and monograms
  • Say and write the full name (first, middle, and last) repeatedly to see how it flows. Repetitive sounds can be good, or they can become a tongue twister!
  • Avoid names that have beginning/ending sounds that get lost, such as with Scott Thomas or Amber Rae
  • Balance the weight – if you decide on a very long first name or have a long last name, you may want a short middle name. Short first names often go well with longer middle names.
  • Mix it up – traditional middle names are great with unique first names, while classic baby names are fun when paired with unusual middle names
  • Choose a name that honors a loved one, such as a favorite older relative or family member who has passed
  • Consider a family name, a maiden name, or names that reflect your family’s culture and heritage
  • Choose a name that has a special meaning to you – even if it isn’t a common name (if celebs can do it with Apple and Blue and North, you can too)
  • If you can’t decide on one perfect baby middle name, consider adding a second name and go with your two favorites
  • Lastly, Google the name and make sure there isn’t someone infamous with the same name! (Unless you are ok with your baby sharing the name with a criminal, for instance.)

Famous people named Quinn


  1. Quinn Cook – NBA basketball player, known for his time with the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers.
  2. Quinn Hughes – Professional ice hockey defenseman in the NHL, playing for the Vancouver Canucks.


  1. Quinn Fabray – A main character on the TV show “Glee,” portrayed by Dianna Agron.
  2. Quinn Morgendorffer – Daria’s popular younger sister in the animated TV series “Daria.”
  3. Quinn Perkins (also known as Lindsay Dwyer) – A character on the TV show “Scandal,” played by Katie Lowes.
  4. Quinn James – Brooke Davis’s sister on the TV show “One Tree Hill,” portrayed by Shantel VanSanten.
  5. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman – Title character of the TV show “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,” portrayed by Jane Seymour. She’s a doctor who moves to the American frontier.
  6. Quinn Mallory – A main character in the TV series “Sliders,” played by Jerry O’Connell. He’s a physics student who invents a device that allows travel between parallel universes.
  7. Harley Quinn – Originally a character in the Batman universe, she’s a frequent accomplice and lover of the Joker, known for her jester-like aesthetics and erratic behavior.

Origin and meaning of the name Quinn

Originating from the Irish Gaelic name “O’Cuinn,” which means “descendant of Conn,” the name Quinn has deep Celtic roots. Conn itself denotes “chief” or “wisdom.”

Over time, Quinn has transcended its initial surname origins to become a popular first name, appreciated for its harmonious blend of strength and brevity. Often associated with intelligence and leadership due to its ancient connotations, Quinn has a modern, gender-neutral appeal.

Whether you are searching for a moniker steeped in history, or one that evokes contemporary chic, Quinn effortlessly bridges both worlds. Its versatility as a name allows it to be paired beautifully with a variety of middle names, making it a delightful choice for any baby, be it a boy or a girl.

According to the Social Security Administration data, Quinn was ranked as the 73rd most popular girl’s name in the United States in 2022. It was ranked 443rd on the boy’s list in 2022.

Babycenter reports that Quinn is currently the 117th most popular girl’s name in 2023 – a decrease of 15 places from 2022. It is also the 604th most popular boy’s name this year, which is a decrease of 118 places from last year.

So while this was once one of the more popular baby names, this is good news for you if you prefer a name that isn’t on the top 100 most popular list for the year!

Different ways to spell Quinn

The name Quinn is typically spelled the way you see here, although there are potential variations to pretty much any name these days. There are a few other names that are similar to Quinn that we will also list here:

Variations in Spelling of Quinn:

  1. Quin
  2. Quinne
  3. Quynn
  4. Quynne

Names Similar or Possibly Derived from Quinn:

  1. Quincy – Of Old French origin, meaning “estate of the fifth son.”
  2. Quintin/Quentin – Of Latin origin, derived from “Quintinus.” It means “fifth.”
  3. Quintus – A Latin name meaning “fifth,” often given to the fifth child.
  4. Quint – Shortened form of Quintin or Quintus, meaning “fifth.”

Names that Sound Similar to Quinn:

  1. Gwen – Of Welsh origin, meaning “white, fair, blessed.”
  2. Wynn/Winn – Of Old English origin, meaning “friend.”
  3. Lynn – Of Old English origin, meaning “lake.”
  4. Finn – Of Irish origin, referring to the legendary Irish hero Fionn mac Cumhaill and meaning “fair or white.”
  5. Kin – Of English origin, meaning “family.”
  6. Qiana – A modern name possibly influenced by the synthetic fabric introduced in the 1960s.
  7. Quillon – Of Latin origin, meaning “crossed swords.”
  8. Quillan – Of Irish origin, meaning “cub.”

These variations and similar names offer a diverse range of options for those fond of the name Quinn but looking for something slightly different or more unique.

Nicknames for Quinn

Everyone loves a good nickname, and Quinn is no different! While Quinn is already a short and sweet name, there are still a few playful nicknames or diminutives one might use:

  1. Q
  2. Quinnie
  3. QuinQuin
  4. Q-Q
  5. Queenie (though this might be a bit of a stretch and sounds like “queen”, it’s a fun play on the name)

Many of these are more playful and might be especially suitable for young children or used affectionately among close family and friends.

Other names you may like:

If you’re considering Quinn for your new baby girl but aren’t 100% decided yet, you may also want to consider these names:

Which middle name for Quinn is your favorite?

Did you happen to fall in love with one of the suggestions you saw here in this list of names? Or have you considered different middle name ideas that are’t on the list?

I’d love to know! Leave a comment below and share your perfect baby name with me! Good luck with your new bundle of joy!

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