baby girl and middle names for brielle

50 Beautiful Middle Names for Brielle

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Looking for the best middle names for Brielle? We have a list of the 50 best ideas that will help you choose your baby’s perfect name!

Naming your baby can be a difficult task. If you are sharing the task with your partner, it can take a while to find a name that you both agree on.

But even after you decide on your baby’s first name, you still have to find the perfect middle name!

You want to make sure you choose a middle name that sounds good with the first name (especially if you’re the type of parent who will say their whole name when they are in trouble!). 

It’s also important to choose a name pair that doesn’t create an embarrassing set of initials!

As someone with the initials of A, S, and S – trust me on this. I just avoid monograms now.

After getting ideas from real parents in moms groups, asking friends, and getting current suggestions from online parenting communities, I’ve compiled this list of beautiful middle names that go with Brielle for your baby. 

The name combinations are sorted by first listing my top picks, then other middle names for Brielle, and are in alphabetical order.

I hope you choose the perfect name for your new little one! Here are the best middle names for Brielle.

At Parenting Nest, we do not believe that baby names have a gender, although many names are more traditionally used for boys or girls. In this list of names, we are focusing on the more feminine names for girls. We hope you find the best name for your new baby.

baby girl and middle names for brielle

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Top 10 middle names for Brielle

The baby name Brielle has French origins, and is a perfect match when paired with more traditional names from the French language. With a pretty name like this one, so delicate and feminine, there are so many middle name combinations to choose from! 

Here are my favorite middle names for Brielle:

  1. Brielle Aurora – Aurora is of Latin origin meaning “dawn,” and is also the name of the Roman goddess of the morning light. 
  2. Brielle Claire – Claire is of French origin, meaning “clear or bright”. It offers a crisp, light-hearted complement to Brielle.
  3. Brielle Daphne – Daphne is a nymph in Greek mythology whose name means “laurel” in Greek.
  4. Brielle Elise – Elise is of French origin, a shortened form of Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath”. It’s soft, melodic, and complements the rhythm of Brielle.
  5. Brielle Faith – Faith is of English origin and, as its name suggests, it signifies “trust” or “belief”. As a virtue name, it has been used since the 17th century and represents one of the three theological virtues along with Hope and Charity.
  6. Brielle Iris – Meaning “rainbow” in Greek, Iris was a Greek messenger goddess and the personification of the rainbow, serving as a link between the gods and humanity.
  7. Brielle Joy – Joy is of English origin and signifies the feeling of great pleasure and happiness. Paired with Brielle, it brings an uplifting and cheerful vibe.
  8. Brielle Luna – Luna is of Latin origin and means “moon”. It offers a celestial, dreamy touch to Brielle, invoking images of the night sky.
  9. Brielle Maeve – Maeve is an Irish name meaning “intoxicating”. It’s an elegant name often linked with a legendary Irish queen known for her prowess and intelligence.
  10. Brielle Penelope – In Greek mythology, Penelope was the loyal wife of Odysseus, who patiently waited for his return from the Trojan War, fending off suitors by weaving a tapestry she never intended to finish. The name’s exact etymology is debated, but it’s often associated with fidelity and patience. 

There are many one-, two-, and even three-syllable names that pair well with the baby name Brielle. I would avoid middle names that end in an -el sound (such as Brielle Belle). Those seem to have too much of the same ending sound, while there are many other great middle names that roll off the tongue a little better.

There are many French names that sound very lovely with Brielle, as well as more modern name options and unisex names. You can even go with more common middle names like Marie or Rae, since Brielle is such a feminine and unique name!

Of course, these are just my personal preferences, and you can choose any baby girl names you like!

There are lots of beautiful girl names that add a touch of elegance, while more gender-neutral and unique middle names are a good balance with the feminine first name too. I’ll include some of those in the list below.

Other middle names for Brielle

  1. Brielle Anais – Of Hebrew origin, though popularized by its French variant, Anais means “grace”. It’s most famously associated with the French-Cuban American writer Anaïs Nin.
  2. Brielle Avery – Derived from an Old French surname, the name means “elf counsel”. It’s become popular for both boys and girls in recent years.
  3. Brielle Azura – Azura comes from the Spanish word “azul”, which means “blue”. It evokes images of the vast blue sky or the deep azure sea – perfect if Baby Brielle has blue eyes!
  4. Brielle Brooke – Of English origin, Brooke is derived from the Old English word for a small stream or brook. It’s associated with calmness and natural beauty.
  5. Brielle Calista – Calista is of Greek origin and means “most beautiful”. 
  6. Brielle Charlotte – This name is of French and Old German origin, derived from “Karl”, and means “free man”. It’s the feminine form of “Charles”.
  7. Brielle Dakota – Of Native American origin, Dakota means “ally” or “friend”. It’s a name that stems from the Dakota Sioux tribe.
  8. Brielle Delilah – Of Hebrew origin, Delilah is a name found in the Old Testament and means “delicate” or “dainty”. It’s a name that evokes both femininity and strength.
  9. Brielle Elowen – Elowen is of Cornish origin and means “elm tree”. It’s a melodious name with natural, earthy undertones.
  10. Brielle Grace – Grace is of Latin origin, stemming from the word “gratia”, which means “favor or thanks”. It evokes feelings of elegance and refinement.
  11. Brielle Gwen – Gwen is of Welsh origin and is a short form of names beginning with “Gwen-“, such as Gwendolyn or Gwenllian. It means “white”, “fair”, or “blessed”.
  12. Brielle Harper – An Old English name, Harper originally denoted someone who played the harp or made harps. Today, it’s appreciated for its rhythmic sound and association with music.
  13. Brielle Isolde – Rooted in Arthurian legends, Isolde is of Welsh origin and is famously associated with the tragic love tale of Tristan and Isolde. The name’s meaning is uncertain, but it’s often linked with “beautiful” or “fair”.
  14. Brielle Jordan – Of Hebrew origin, the gender-neutral name Jordan is derived from the Jordan River, which flows between the countries of Jordan and Israel. The name means “descend” or “flow down”.
  15. Brielle Juniper– Of Latin origin, Juniper is derived from the Latin word “juniperus”, which refers to the juniper tree or berry. It’s also associated with youth and freshness.
  16. Brielle Kate – A diminutive of Katherine, Kate is of Greek origin and means “pure”.
  17. Brielle Louisa – Of German and Old French origins, Louisa is the feminine form of Louis, which means “renowned warrior”.
  18. Brielle Margot – This name has French origins, being a diminutive form of Marguerite, which is the French form of Margaret, meaning “pearl”.
  19. Brielle Matilda – Of German origin, Matilda means “mighty in battle”. It’s a name with royal history, especially in the medieval period.
  20. Brielle Morgan – This name has Welsh origins, meaning “sea-born” or “sea-circle”. Over time, it has been used for both boys and girls, especially in English-speaking countries.
  21. Brielle Nadia – Derived from the Slavic name Nadezhda, Nadia means “hope”. It’s a name that radiates optimism and positivity.
  22. Brielle Opal – Of Sanskrit origin, Opal is named after the precious gemstone which symbolizes hope, purity, and truth.
  23. Brielle Paige – Of Latin origin, Paige originally referred to a young servant or a page boy. Today, it’s a name that denotes innocence and youth.
  24. Brielle Quinn – This name has Irish origins and means “wisdom” or “chief”. It’s a strong, succinct name that works well for all genders.
  25. Brielle Rae – Rae is a variant of the name Ray, which is of English origin and means “beam of light”. It offers a bright and radiant aura to the name Brielle.
  26. Brielle Rose – Rose has Latin origins, derived from the Latin “rosa”. This name signifies the beautiful and fragrant flower, representing love, beauty, and purity.
  27. Brielle Rowan – Of Gaelic origin, Rowan refers to the rowan tree and means “little redhead” or “red-berry tree”. It’s become a popular name for both boys and girls.
  28. Brielle Sage – Of Latin origin, Sage means “wise”. It also refers to the aromatic herb, making it a nature-inspired name as well.
  29. Brielle Seren – Seren is a Welsh name meaning “star”. It beautifully captures celestial imagery and the magic of nighttime skies.
  30. Brielle Skyler – With Dutch origins, Skyler is a variation of Schuyler, meaning “scholar” or “protection”.
  31. Brielle Sloane – This name is of Irish origin and means “raider” or “warrior”. It has a sleek, modern feel to it despite its ancient roots.
  32. Brielle Sophia – Sophia is of Greek origin and means “wisdom”. 
  33. Brielle Taylor – Of Old French and Old English origins, this occupational name means “tailor” or “to cut”.
  34. Brielle Tindra – Of Scandinavian origin, Tindra means “twinkle” or “sparkle”, capturing the brilliance of stars.
  35. Brielle Uma – This name is of Sanskrit origin and means “splendour” or “tranquillity”. In Hindu tradition, it’s also another name for the goddess Parvati.
  36. Brielle Vespera – From the Latin word “vesper”, Vespera means “evening star” or “evening”. It has a serene and tranquil vibe, reminiscent of evening’s calm.
  37. Brielle Willow– Of English origin, Willow refers to the willow tree, which is often associated with grace, flexibility, and resilience.
  38. Brielle Winter – Of English origin, Winter directly refers to the season. As a name, it brings to mind serenity, beauty, and the quiet of a snow-covered landscape. Or if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, this regal name may bring to mind strength and courage!
  39. Brielle Yasmine – Of Arabic and Persian origin, Yasmine is derived from “yasmin”, which means “jasmine flower”. The jasmine flower is often associated with love and beauty.
  40. Brielle Zara – Of Arabic origin, Zara means “blooming flower” or “princess”. It’s a name that’s both vibrant and regal.

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How to choose the perfect middle name

  • Check for weird or offensive initials and monograms
  • Say and write the full name (first, middle, and last) repeatedly to see how it flows. Repetitive sounds can be good, or they can become a tongue twister!
  • Avoid names that have beginning/ending sounds that get lost, such as with Scott Thomas or Amber Rae
  • Balance the weight – if you decide on a very long first name or have a long last name, you may want a short middle name. Short first names often go well with longer middle names.
  • Mix it up – traditional middle names are great with unique first names, while classic baby names are fun when paired with unusual middle names
  • Choose a name that honors a loved one, such as a favorite older relative or names of family members who have passed
  • Consider family surnames, a maiden name, or names of cultural significance and heritage
  • Choose a name that has a special meaning to you – even if it isn’t a common name (if celebs can do it with Apple and Blue and North, you can too)
  • If you can’t decide on one perfect baby middle name, consider adding a second name and go with your two favorites
  • Lastly, Google the name and make sure there isn’t someone infamous with the same name! (Unless you are ok with your baby sharing the name with a criminal, for instance.)

Famous people named Brielle

  1. Brielle Barbusca, American actress
  2. Brielle Biermann, American influencer and former Real Housewives of Atlanta star
  3. Brielle Davis, Australian pop singer
  4. Brielle Edborg, American songwriter
  5. Brielle Lacosta, American model
  6. Brielle Von Hugel, American pop singer

Origin and meaning of the name Brielle

At the heart of the beautiful name “Brielle” is a rich tapestry of history and meaning. Originating from the French word “Brielle”, it’s actually a diminutive form of the name Gabrielle, which means “God is my strength” or “heroine of God.”

The name also has Hebrew origins, being closely tied to the archangel Gabriel who serves as a messenger of God in biblical traditions. Choosing the name Brielle not only offers a melodic and contemporary touch but also carries with it a sense of spiritual depth and resilience. A feminine name with a touch of strength, makes it a lovely choice for a little girl who will grow to be a strong woman. 

For parents in search of a name that offers a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, Brielle emerges as a radiant choice. With such profound meaning behind it, the right middle name can only accentuate its beauty further.

According to the Social Security Administration, Brielle was ranked as the 116th most popular girl’s name in 2022 and has only been in the United States top 1000 girls’ names since 1991. Babycenter reports that Brielle is currently the 118th most popular girl’s name in 2023 – a decrease of 27 places from 2022.

Different ways to spell Brielle

Pronounced “bree-ELL“, the name “Brielle” can have various spellings. Here are some alternatives:

  1. Briella 
  2. Briele
  3. Briel
  4. Bryelle
  5. Bryell
  6. Briell
  7. Breelle
  8. Brieell
  9. Bri’elle

Each variation offers a unique twist on the original, though the pronunciation remains largely similar across most of these spellings.

Nicknames for Brielle

If you’re naming your daughter Brielle, you may be looking for cute ways to shorten your baby’s name. Here are some common nicknames for Brielle:

  • Brie/Bree
  • Bri
  • Elle
  • Ellie
  • Bella
  • Bell
  • Rellie
  • Bri-Bri
  • B
  • Billie
  • Rielle
  • Ree

Nicknames can be a personal touch, sometimes based on unique pronunciations, family traditions, or individual preferences. “Brielle” offers a lovely range of options to choose from!

Other names you may like:

If you’re considering naming your  daughter Brielle but aren’t 100% decided yet, you may also want to consider these similar names:

  • Gabriella/Gabrielle
  • Ellary (a British name meaning “alder tree”)
  • Ariel/Arielle
  • Briana/Brianna
  • Briony/Bryony
  • Giselle
  • Briar
  • Briley
  • Brienne
  • Briseis
  • Brinley
  • Bristol
  • Bria
  • Mirabelle
  • Evelyn
  • Aurora
  • Claire
  • Olivia

Which middle name for Brielle is your favorite?

Did you happen to fall in love with one of the suggestions you saw here in this list of names? Or have you considered different middle name ideas that are’t on the list?

I’d love to know! Leave a comment below and share your perfect baby name with me! Good luck with your new bundle of joy!

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