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50 Best Middle Names for Violet

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Naming your baby can be a difficult task. If you are sharing the task with your partner, it can take a while to find a name that you both agree on.

But even after you decide on your baby’s first name, you still have to find the perfect middle name!

You want to make sure you choose a middle name that sounds good with the first name (especially if you’re the type of parent who will say their whole name when they are in trouble!).

It’s also important to choose a name pair that doesn’t create an embarrassing set of initials!

As someone with the initials of A, S, and S – trust me on this. I just avoid monograms now.

After getting ideas from real parents in moms groups, asking friends, and getting current suggestions from online parenting communities, I’ve compiled this list of beautiful middle names that go with Violet for your baby.

The name combinations are sorted by first listing my top picks, then other middle names for Violet, and are in alphabetical order.

I hope you choose the perfect name for your new little one! Here are the 50 best middle names for Violet.

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Top 10 Middle Names for Violet

Violet is such a beautiful and popular name, and one that I really loved after learning that a friend’s daughter was named Violet. I have a thing for names that are related to nature (and I can’t help but picture a violet flower field when I hear this name) – plus I think this name is one that is just timeless, regardless of popularity!

Here are my favorite middle names for Violet:

  1. Violet Anne (same as the daughter of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck)
  2. Violet Belle
  3. Violet Claire
  4. Violet Hazel (two beautiful colors!)
  5. Violet Josephine
  6. Violet June
  7. Violet Mae or Violet May
  8. Violet Meadow
  9. Violet Olivia
  10. Violet Rose (double flower names)

I think I’m really drawn to short, one-syllable middle names for Violet – since Violet is a three syllable name (or possibly two syllables depending on how you pronounce it).

I also really love middle names that have a bit of a nature/natural theme (like Meadow) and celestial names (like Luna and Moon), as well as simple and old fashioned name options (like Anne and Mae). These just seem to be a great balance for Violet as a first name.

Other middle names for Violet

  1. Violet Audrey
  2. Violet Brienne
  3. Violet Brooke (a nature name that isn’t too unusual)
  4. Violet Cate
  5. Violet Corinne
  6. Violet Dawn
  7. Violet Drew (feminine name + unisex middle name)
  8. Violet Ella
  9. Violet Evangeline
  10. Violet Eve
  11. Violet Fiona
  12. Violet Genevieve
  13. Violet Grace
  14. Violet Harper
  15. Violet Hope
  16. Violet Isabelle
  17. Violet Jane
  18. Violet Josephine
  19. Violet Joy
  20. Violet Kay
  21. Violet Lillian
  22. Violet Lucia (from the Latin origin meaning light)
  23. Violet Monroe
  24. Violet Nadine
  25. Violet Ophelia
  26. Violet Paige
  27. Violet Peace
  28. Violet Penelope
  29. Violet Quinn
  30. Violet Rain
  31. Violet Renee
  32. Violet River
  33. Violet Sage
  34. Violet Skye (this one may be too much, but it just has a ring to it!)
  35. Violet Star
  36. Violet Summer
  37. Violet Talia
  38. Violet Vivienne (a cool alliteration)
  39. Violet Wren
  40. Violet Zoe

How to Choose the Perfect Middle Name

  • Check for weird or offensive initials and monograms
  • Say and write the full name (first, middle, and last) repeatedly to see how it flows. Repetitive sounds can be good, or they can become a tongue twister!
  • Avoid names that have beginning/ending sounds that get lost, such as with Scott Thomas or Amber Rae
  • Balance the weight – if you decide on a very long first name or have a long last name, you may want a short middle name. Short first names often go well with longer middle names.
  • Mix it up – traditional middle names are great with unique first names, while classic baby names are fun when paired with unusual middle names
  • Choose a name that honors a loved one, such as a favorite older relative or family member who has passed
  • Consider a family name, a maiden name, or names that reflect your family’s culture and heritage
  • Choose a name that has a special meaning to you – even if it isn’t a common name (if celebs can do it with Apple and Blue and North, you can too)
  • If you can’t decide on one perfect baby middle name, consider adding a second name and go with your two favorites
  • Lastly, Google the name and make sure there isn’t someone infamous with the same name! (Unless you are ok with your baby sharing the name with a criminal, for instance.)

Famous people named Violet

  1. Violet Barclay – American illustrator
  2. Violet Blue – American author
  3. Violet Hopkins – American painter
  4. Violet MacMillan – American Broadway theater actress
  5. Violet Tweedale – Scottish poet
  6. Violet Beauregarde – a fictional character in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”
  7. Violet Parr – a fictional character from the Pixar movie “The Incredibles”

Origin and Meaning of the name Violet

Violet has an English origin and is both a purple flower and a color name (purple). It has been popular in the United States for many years, and was most popular in the year 2019 when it was ranked at #36.

The name Violet comes from the Latin word viola, which means purple. Violet has long been considered a color of royalty.

Violet is most commonly used as a cute name for girls.

According to the Social Security Administration, the baby name Violet was ranked as the 37th most popular girl’s name in 2020. Babycenter reports that Violet is currently the 15th most popular girl’s name in 2022 – an increase of 24 places from 2021.

“Lettie” and “Lottie” are popular and cute nicknames for Violet.

Other names you may like:

If you’re considering Violet for your new baby girl but aren’t 100% decided yet, you may also want to consider these names:

Which middle name for Violet is your favorite?

Did you happen to fall in love with one of the suggestions you saw here in this list of names? Or have you considered different middle name ideas that are’t on the list?

I’d love to know! Leave a comment below and share with me, and good luck finding the right name for your little girl!

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