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Fun Family Trivia Questions for a Road Trip

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I don’t think I am alone in saying that lately, many of us have been feeling cooped up for too long. We are itching to get out and explore! So, time to plan the next road trip – and take some fun family trivia questions with you!

With fall upon us, you could head to Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, or Oregon to see some orange and yellow foliage. Perhaps you’re interested in some scenic views on the water, where you could head to the Pacific Coast Highway in California or Brandywine Valley in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Maybe you want to check out some of the most haunted towns in the United States, like the St. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida or the LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans. The possibilities are endless!

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Why a Road Trip?

Other than road trips just being so much fun, road trips give you a lot of flexibility. There are no stressful schedules, no trying to make it through security, and no sitting at the airport for hours. You can pack whatever will fit in your car without those extra baggage fees.

You might even find some of the best food and unusual sights you never even knew existed – for example, did you know there is a 13-foot Jimmy Carter peanut in Georgia and a gorilla holding up a Volkswagen Beetle in Vermont? Plus, you’ll have your car to drive around once you get to your destination rather than having to wait in line to get an expensive rental car.

Best of all, if you’re traveling with family or friends, you have some built it, uninterrupted, quality time! You can only listen to Apple Music for so long until you get bored, so I’ve got just the thing for you – road trip trivia!

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Trivia for Your Long Trip!

Long road trips mean quality conversations catching up on life updates: family, friends, work, school, gossip. But we all know that car trips can be and feel loooonng! While it might feel like hours have passed, you look down and there’s still a long drive ahead of you! Now what? 

There are some classic road trip games such as the license plate game (search for a license plate from each US state or other provinces), I spy, the alphabet game (name things that all start with the same letter until you can’t or find a letter named somewhere around you), or maybe even the quiet game.

But when there aren’t cars close by and there isn’t a lot of varying scenery for a while, another fun way to pass the time is to try trivia! I’ve put together a list of fun road trip questions just for you!

Trivia Questions on U.S. Geography and History

Are you looking to test out your general knowledge around United States geography and history? Take a stab at some of these car ride trivia questions!

Good luck, and no peeking at the correct answers at the bottom until the end!

  1. What are the only two states in the United States where coffee is grown domestically?
  2. Which four states in the United States make up the four corners?
  3. How was the majority of Mount Rushmore carved?
  4. What is the longest river in the United States?
  5. Approximately how many geysers does Yellowstone National Park have?
  6. What United States paper currency features a portrait of Abraham Lincoln?
  7. In what state is the “crookedest street in the world?”
  8. How many gallons of water do the Great Lakes contain combined?
  9. What city has the worst traffic in the United States?
  10. Which highway is nicknamed the Will Rogers Highway?
  11. What park was the first national park?
  12. What animal is the ultimate ‘road tripper’ and travels every year for up to 2000 miles to make it to the coast of California before winter?
  13. In 2020, what car was voted the safest?
  14. Who was the only founding father to own a distillery?
  15. Why is Chicago called the windy city?
  16. What is the largest city in the United States?
  17. How many miles of roads does the United States have?
  18. Which building was the tallest building in the world for 40 years?
  19. What are the 3 most populous cities in North America? 
  20. Which road is also known as the ‘main street of North America?’
  21. What city in the United States was previously known as New Amsterdam?
  22. Which university did Thomas Jefferson found?

If you’re looking for even more trivia questions for your next trip, then check out this quiz book. It’s packed full of new questions, as well as plenty of other new games that are a lot of fun. My son LOVED the brain teasers. There are movie quizzes for the movie buffs out there, funny questions, interesting and thought provoking questions, as well as more travel trivia questions! 

Trivia Questions Inspired by World Travel

Maybe you’re traveling abroad outside the US and headed on a road trip. If you’re feeling inspired by the place you’re in to learn more fun facts about the world, we have some great road trip trivia game questions for this too!

  1. What is the longest roadway in the world?
  2. What is the English translation of the famous landmark Taj Mahal in India?
  3. What is the highest number of people to be crammed into one car?
  4. What are some of the longest world trips you could drive? 
  5. What is the name of the highest mountain in East Africa (specifically Tanzania)
  6. What is the tallest building in the world and where is it located?
  7. Which Chinese city means ‘fragrant harbor’ 

For the extra long car rides you’ve underestimated and need more trivia questions for, well – I hope you have service! If you do, check out the QuizBreaker website. There are an insane amount of trivia categories, and there are definitely some tougher questions that will make you think during all that extra time. 

Personal Trivia Questions

If you’re looking to get to know your fellow travelers more, these personal fun trivia questions are great conversation starters. Cheers to learning new things about the ones you love! 

  1. If you could travel anywhere, without considering how much money it may cost, where would you go? 
  2. What famous person do you look up to and why?
  3. Who is your favorite band?
  4. What’s the spookiest place you’ve ever visited? 
  5. What’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you?
  6. What is your favorite part of traveling?
  7. What’s your favorite memory from high school or college?
  8. What’s the best book you’ve read this year?
  9. What’s your favorite place you have visited?
  10. What’s one of your favorite memories with a family member?
  11. If you could see any famous landmark in the world, what would you want to see?
  12. If you could have any car you wanted, what car would you have?
  13. What do you think is the best way to spend a day?
  14. What’s a fun fact about yourself?
  15. What song would be the theme song for your life?
  16. If you could travel to a planet, where would you go?
  17. What’s your worst long car ride story?
  18. What is the first thing you notice about a person?
  19. What’s a fun activity that you do every year?
  20. Who would you want to be stranded with if you’re on a deserted island?

Correct Answers for Trivia Questions on U.S. Geography and History:

  1. Hawaii and California
  2. Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado
  3. With dynamite
  4. The Missouri River – 2,536 miles
  5. 500 (half of the world’s geysers are located in Yellowstone National Park!)
  6. The US five dollar bill
  7. San Francisco, CA
  8. 6 quadrillion
  9. Boston, Massachusetts
  10. Route 66 (one of the original highways in the US Highway System!)
  11. Yellowstone National Park
  12. Monarch Butterfly
  13. Genesis
  14. George Washington
  15. It described the political landscape in the 1800s (“long-winded” politicians); it has nothing to do with the weather!
  16. Anchorage
  17. Just over 4 million miles of roads!
  18. The empire state building
  19. New York City, Los Angeles, and Mexico City
  20. Route 66 
  21. New York City 
  22. The University of Virginia

Correct Answers for Trivia Questions on World Travel:

  1. The Pan-American Highway
  2. Crown of Palaces
  3. 41 people in a Toyota Rav4 in Russia
  4. London to Cape Town South Africa, Pan-American Highway, Australian Coastal Loop and Europe to Ulaan Baatar in Asia 
  5. Mt Kilimanjaro
  6. The Burj Khalifa in Dubai  
  7. Hong Kong 

With my recent trip to Disney with the family, my favorite road trip questions were the ones that got the entire family involved. Sure, the littles may not have known all the answers, but they were able to learn from, and most importantly, bond with, their older siblings and for that, I am grateful!

Hey, there were even some questions that left the whole family stumped! The best part was, they all had lots of fun on the long car journey, and we maximized our family time together.

Bon Voyage, and I hope your final destination is a beautiful place; one as magical as our recent Disney trip! Comment with your favorite travel trivia game questions or best road trip games below!

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