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12 Best Picture Books to Teach Multiplication

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When kids begin to move towards more advanced math skills like multiplication and division the pressure can be daunting for some. Picture books that teach math skills can help soften the transition and teach kids math concepts before they even realize it. Scaffolding learning with picture books is a great way to keep kids motivated and interested. Enjoy this list of the best picture books to teach multiplication to preschoolers and up!

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The Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Multiplication Book – Kids love candy and this fun book uses a Hershey bar to teach multiplication basics.

365 Penguins – When penguins keep showing up on your doorstep every day you need to use some math skills to keep them well fed and cared for.

Minnie’s Diner – This fun and funny rhyming book teaches about multiplication when several brothers skip out on their chores and each one is twice as hungry as the last!

2×2 = Boo! – These stories may be spooky but multiplication is nothing to fear!

The Best of Times – Multiplication is more than just memorization and this math-themed book teaches kids innovative ways to solve problems and develop an intuitive understanding of multiplication.

Double the Ducks – This book is perfect for early math learners and helps to build skills needed to understand addition and multiplication.

Now for My Next Number!: Songs for Multiplying Fun – Singing the ABC song was a precursor to reading and these fun songs can help youngsters learn math and multiplication. This is one of the most fun books to teach multiplication.

Too Many Kangaroo Things to Do! – When Kangaroo’s friend won’t play he goes searching for a playmate. He doesn’t know his friends are all busy using multiplication to plan a surprise party for Kangaroo.

The Amazing Pop-up Multiplication Book – Hidden pictures, pop ups and lots of interactive flaps teach children about multiplication, including what happens when you multiply by zero, in an exciting way.

Each Orange Had 8 Slices – The colorful pictures will help kids make the move from simply counting to multiplying.

Eggs and Legs: Counting by Twos – Skip counting is a great skill for learning basic multiplication. Simple enough for preschoolers to understand, plus they will love the fun farm theme of chicks hatching from their eggs.

Multiplying Menace: The Revenge of Rumpelstiltskin – Rumpelstilskin is back to collect his payment and threatens the kingdom with his multiplying stick. Can Prince Peter save everyone? He must use math skills to do so.

Do you like to use books to help teach math concepts to your children? If we’ve missed some of your favorites, please leave a comment to tell us about them.

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