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16 Best Books to Teach Fractions to Kids

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Reading aloud can help bring abstract concepts like fractions to life. Fractions may be one of the most challenging math concepts for children to grasp. Scaffolding their learning with colorful and entertaining books is a great way to pique their interest and reinforce math skills. You will want to add these books to your library to help you teach fractions to kids!

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Picture Books About Fractions

The Wishing Club: A Story About Fractions by Donna Jo Napoli

The Wishing Club: A Story About Fractions is such a clever pick for teaching kids about fractions without making it feel like a math lesson. It's this adorable story about siblings making wishes upon a star, but they only get part of what they wish for, like half a cookie or a quarter of a pie, which is a super fun and relatable way to introduce the concept of fractions.

The book mixes magic and math, keeping it light and engaging, so it's perfect for storytime with a sneaky bit of learning tucked in. Plus, the illustrations are super cute, which always helps keep the kiddos' attention. It's a win-win when you want to mix a little math into your reading time!

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Fractions in Disguise: A Math Adventure by Edward Einhorn

George Cornelius Factor collects fractions. When a valuable fraction goes missing, he must find it. This exciting mystery is perfect for kids ages 8-10.

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A Fraction's Goal ― Parts of a Whole

Teach fractions by dividing up whole objects. The silly cats are busy diving everything from pizza's to people in half, in quarters and more! 

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Give Me Half! by Stuart J. Murphy

Two siblings decide to share a lunch and realize that splitting some things in half can be messy. This book is the perfect introduction to fractions for younger learners.

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The Hershey's Milk Chocolate Fractions Book by Jerry Pallotta

Hershey bars were practically made to teach fractions. Use the bars natural design for a chocolaty math lesson!

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Fractions, Decimals, and Percents by David A. Adler

Step right up! Head to the county fair to learn all about fractions, decimals, and percents. This book is a total gem for making sense of math concepts in a way that doesn't bore the kids to tears.

The book takes you to a county fair setting, which is super relatable, and it uses all the fun fair stuff—like pie-eating contests and prize-winning pumpkins—to show how fractions, decimals, and percents are actually part of everyday life. It has a way of breaking down the info so it's super digestible, and the illustrations are bright and lively, adding to the fun vibe.

It's a cool book because it turns what could be a dry math lesson into a day at the fair, and what kid wouldn't love that?

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Full House: An Invitation to Fractions by Dayle Ann Dodds

Miss Bloom welcomes several guests to her inn. What happens when they all want pie? This book helps kids to start understanding fractions. 

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Fraction Fun by David A. Adler

This colorful book helps kids recognize and understand the differences in fractions. Learn that fractions can even be fun!

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Polar Bear Math: Learning About Fractions from Klondike and Snow

This is an awesome book that mixes real-life animal rescue with math lessons. It tells the true story of two polar bear cubs at the Denver Zoo and how the zookeepers took care of them, using fractions to explain the feeding and care process.

It's a heartwarming tale that not only gives kids a glimpse into wildlife rehabilitation but also sneaks in those math concepts in a totally natural and engaging way. The photos are super cute, and the story is just as informative as it is adorable, making fractions feel like part of a big adventure rather than just numbers on a page. 

Polar Bear Math: Learning About Fractions from Klondike and Snow is a great tool for any parent or teacher looking to warm up their math lessons with a fuzzy, feel-good story.

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The Lion's Share by Matthew McElligott

It's Lion's birthday and everyone wants to make him a cake. But how much cake is too much? Not only will young readers learn about fractions but with have the opportunity to discuss generosity and selfishness.

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Fraction Action by Loreen Leedy

This comic book-style book about fractions teaches through short stories and will help students to understand math concepts and vocabulary. 

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My Half Day by Doris Fisher

A young boy wakes up to find that he only has half a head of hair and that's only the beginning! Both the story and the illustrations are bright and entertaining. 

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Pizza Counting

Pizzas are a natural, real-world application for teaching fractions. Pizza Counting is loaded with pictures to help learners grasp a variety of concepts about fractions from beginning to more advanced skills. 

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Inchworm and a Half by Elinor J. Pinczes

This story follows an inchworm who loves to measure everything, but when she meets things that don't measure up to whole inches, she needs the help of her half-inch friends, introducing the concept of halves in a narrative context. It's a playful and engaging way to introduce young readers to measuring and fractions, with a catchy rhyming text that makes the math part feel like part of the adventure.

This book is a great pick for any kid who's just getting started with fractions and needs a friendly little inchworm to show them the ropes.

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Ed Emberley's Picture Pie

This one is a standout book for teaching fractions because it combines art and math in a super creative way. Kids get to learn about fractions by cutting circles into pieces—like a pie—and then using those pieces to create all sorts of cool pictures and designs.

It's hands-on, it's imaginative, and it shows how fractions are not just numbers, but can be a part of creating something beautiful, which is a pretty sweet way to learn math if you ask me. Ed Emberley's Picture Pie turns math into an art project, and that's genius for keeping kids interested and engaged.

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