US Government Books for Kids

19 Engaging US Government Books for Kids

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Are you talking with your kids about our US Government? Your kids likely know more than you think they do, and they may be misinformed. Kids are sponges, and political news seems to be everywhere we go lately. It’s never too early (or late) to teach kids about how our government works. This list of US Government Books for Kids is full of informative and engaging material and will help your kids learn about how our government works in a way that makes sense to them. And chances are you will learn a thing or two as well!

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Top US Government Books for Kids

Snowballs For Severance: The Terrifically True Story of Dane Best and the Snowball Ban by Richie Frieman

Snowballs for Severance

Snowballs For Severance tells of a law in Severance, Colorado that contains wording that makes it illegal to throw snowballs. Can you imagine not being able to throw snowballs? Needless to say, overturning an almost 100 year old snowball ban was no easy task.

Despite all odds, Dane Best was able to make history. This book is the real life true story of what can happen when someone decides to stand up for what they believe in.

When You Grow Up to Vote: How Our Government Works for You by Eleanor Roosevelt

when you grow up to vote

In the voice of one of the most iconic and beloved political figures of the twentieth century comes a book on citizenship for the future voters of the twenty-first century. Eleanor Roosevelt published the original edition of When You Grow Up to Vote in 1932, the same year her husband was elected president.

Beginning with government workers like firefighters and garbage collectors, and moving up through local government to the national stage, this book explains that the people in government work the voter.

The Little Book of Presidential Elections by Laurie Friedman

the little book of presidential elections

Electing a president happens once every four years! The Little Book of Presidential Elections utilizes simple text to explain the election process and its significance to young readers.

With this easy to understand picture book, the most important election in the United States of America will make sense. 

We the Kids: The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States by David Catrow

We the Kids by David Catrow

A long time ago some smart guys wrote the Preamble to the Constitution. You have probably read it before, but do you know what it means? And did it ever make you laugh? Now it will!

We the Kids is perfect for inspiring discussion in classrooms and around kitchen tables. This fun-filled and cheerfully illustrated look at the Preamble provides an accessible introduction to America’s founding ideals for citizens of all ages.

A Kids’ Guide to America’s Bill of Rights by Kathleen Krull

a kids guide to americas bill of rights

Which 462 words are so important that they’ve changed the course of American history more than once? The Bill of Rights: the first ten amendments to the Constitution, the crucial document that spells out how the United States is to be governed.

With A Kids’ Guide to America’s Bill of Rights, children can really understand what those first ten amendments really mean through humor, anecdotes, and funny illustrations.

The US Congress for Kids: Over 200 Years of Lawmaking, Deal-Breaking, and Compromising, with 21 Activities by Ronald Reis

the us congress for kids

Providing a historical perspective on all that is going on today, The US Congress for Kids examines the major milestones in congressional history, including the abolition of slavery, extending the vote to African Americans and to women, and investigating misconduct in both government and private institutions.

Kids will be engaged by the focus on dramatic stories, personalities, and turning points while also benefitting from the clear discussions of Congressional purpose,

The Supreme Court by Christine Taylor-Butler

The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court discusses how a case reaches the Supreme Court, its origins and history, particularly the time of John Marshall, which established the court’s right to declare a law unconstitutional, and other noted cases, and describes how it works today.

ABC What an Informed Voter You’ll Be! by Modern Kid Press

abc what an informed voter you'll be

ABC What an Informed Voter You’ll Be! shares the importance of civic engagement in this simple and informative book for children!

With topics ranging from the Constitution to Democracy to the Electoral College, complex subjects are simplified with engaging writing and eye-catching illustrations. Even young elementary children will be excited to learn what it means to be an American!

Small and mighty, this book will help raise up the next generation of engaged, informed, VOTING Americans prepared to exercise their democratic rights.

V Is for Voting by Kate Farrell

v is for voting government book for kids

This ABC book introduces progressive families to concepts like social justice and civil rights and reminds readers that every vote counts! Not your typical ABC book, V is for Voting uses rhyming text and bold illustrations to teach children how powerful a vote can be.

For Which We Stand: How Our Government Works and Why It Matters by Jeff Foster

for which we stand how our government works book

Now more than ever, it’s so important for everyone to understand our government: where it came from, how it works, and how we can bring about change. And, after all, in the words of author and government teacher Jeff Foster, “If you don’t participate, you can’t complain.”

For Which We Stand is a comprehensive and entertaining guide that answers questions like: What is the Constitution? What are the branches of the government? What is the Electoral College? What are the political parties? What are the different responsibilities of the city, state, and federal governments?

We The People: The United States Constitution Explored and Explained by Aura Lewis

we the people

With the 2020 Presidential election around the corner, there has never been a better time to take a closer look at the Constitution, the bedrock of U.S. politics. We the People helps with that.

Inquisitive minds will have their questions vividly answered – and new ones raised – by a mix of striking illustrations and clear, engaging text, including passages from the Constitution given in plain English.

Democracy for Dinosaurs: A Guide for Young Citizens by Laurie Krasny Brown

democracy for dinosaurs government book for kids

This essential, kid-friendly nonfiction guide isn’t just for families looking to share genuinely patriotic values during an election year — it’s for everyone.

Using accessible dinosaur characters and clear language, Democracy for Dinosaurs explores key civic values on every adult’s mind and helps show young readers how the things they do every single day can be guided by principles we must share in a democratic society: freedom, fairness, the rule of law, equality, respect for free speech, and respect for the truth.

By modeling accessible ways to practice being a good citizen, children will understand they are part of their country and that they have an important role to play. Kids may also recognize the illustrations by the famous Marc Brown, creator of the Arthur books!

If You Go With Your Goat To Vote by Jan Zauzmer

if you go with your goat to vote

If you are a kid, you may chew over the ballot.
If you are a bunny, you may hop to the polling place.
If you are a piglet, you may squeal with delight when you get a sticker.
And best of all, if you go with your grown-up to vote . . . you will grow up to vote yourself!

Lighthearted and colorful, If You Go with Your Goat to Vote shows little ones just what to expect on Election Day—and will inspire grown-ups to be model voters. 

Baby Loves Political Science: Democracy! by Ruth Spiro

baby loves political science democracy

Another book from the Baby Loves series, Democracy is an engaging board book for young readers. Baby learns what it means to participate in a democracy where everyone has a voice in electing our leaders.

There are many ways for all of us, including the youngest children, to participate — such as making signs and sending postcards, campaigning, attending rallies, and of course getting out the vote!

The Constitution for Babies by DK

the constitution for babies

The Constitution for Babies introduces young children to the Founding Fathers and their mission to create a new country where no single person had too much power over everyone else. Little readers are guided through their journey, from the founding of the nation in 1776, to the creation of the US Constitution, and the amendments in the years that followed.

Simple, age-appropriate text explains how government works, and why it was designed in this way. Bright illustrations engage kids’ attention and explain key concepts from the text.

The Interactive Constitution: Explore the Constitution with flaps, wheels, color-changing words, and more! by David Miles

the interactive constitution

Explore the U.S. Constitution like never before! The Interactive Constitution has amazing features like color-changing words, flaps, wheels, and a special vocabulary decoder help kids learn about types of government, checks and balances, the Bill of Rights, the amendment process, and more!

There’s never been a better way―or a more important time―to discover the world-changing importance of this powerful founding document.

I Know My Rights: A Children’s Guide to the Bill of Rights and Individual Liberty by Rory Margraf

i know my rights

The rights of every person, every man, woman, and child, are unalienable; though they are written as the law of the land, our rights transcend all of humanity’s laws. They are paramount to each individual living their most fulfilled life, and children can better learn this in the book I Know My Rights.

The rights that we possess are not uniquely American, but rather natural rights that are possessed by all people. What is uniquely American is the explicit nature with which these rights must be acknowledged at all levels of government. As such, it is the responsibility of all Americans to exercise their rights daily, which means that the Bill of Rights must be a recurring study and part of regular discussion.

Learning our rights at a young age is an important step in growing to be a conscious citizen; one that will not only defend their own liberties, but those of their neighbors, friends, community, and strangers around the world.

Our Constitution Rocks by Juliette Turner

our constitution rocks

Juliette Turner, Youth Advocate for Constituting America, takes a unique look at our founding document, presenting it in a beautifully organized fashion, with helpful illustrations and sidebars that support the main ideas. Packed with tons of easy-to-read, easy-to-understand information, Our Constitution Rocks breaks down the Constitution article by article into manageable sections in a way everyone can read and understand—students and parents alike.

Our Constitution Rocks is for a new generation, a reminder of what it means to have a voice and live free. It still matters to kids today. Find out why.

A More Perfect Union: The Story of Our Constitution by Betsy Maestro

a more perfect union

With accurate historical information, this easy-to-understand book tells why and how the Constitution of the United States was created. A More Perfect Union includes a map and back matter with a table of dates and a summary of the Articles of the Constitution.

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19 Engaging Government Books for Kids

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