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15 Women’s History Books for Kids and Teens

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Since 1987, March has been a month dedicated to recognizing women and their role in American history. During Women’s History Month we make a special effort to study and celebrate the contributions of women and how they have shaped our Nation. From women who shined in their role as mothers or housewives to those who made medical discoveries or fought to serve alongside men in male-dominated careers – women are beginning to be recognized as equal partners in society. 

Women’s history is observed through education, lectures, parades and many other activities designed to highlight the contributions of women. One of the easiest ways to learn about some of the most memorable women in America’s history is to read a book about their achievements. Schools and libraries make a special effort to promote women each March but adding books about women to your reading list is beneficial all year long. 

Women’s history is exciting and interesting and you may be surprised how much material is available like this list of 15 women’s history books that your child or teen will love. Whether in a classroom setting or at home, these books will spark a discussion about women and excite the future pioneers for women’s rights.

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Women’s History Picture Books

Elizabeth Started All the Trouble

Elizabeth Started All the Trouble

Elizabeth Cady Stanton couldn’t go to college, couldn’t vote and couldn’t become a politician and she wasn’t having it! She pioneered a movement for equal rights for women.

mae among the stars

Mae Among the Stars

Mae Jemison dreamed she would dance in space and she made that dream come true by becoming the first African-American woman in space.

before she was harriet

Before She Was Harriet

Throughout her life, Harriet Tubman was a spy, a liberator, suffragist and more. This book pays tribute to the many roles of this amazing woman.

girl running

Girl Running

Bobi Gibb isn’t allowed to run in the Boston Marathon because she’s a girl. She hid in a bush and ran it anyway!

anybodys game

Anybody’s Game

Kathryn Johnston wanted to play Little League so she cut off her hair, gave herself the nickname “Tubby” and tried out disguised as a boy. Did she make the team?

kate warne

How Kate Warne Saved President Lincoln: The Story Behind the Nation’s First Woman Detective

Kate Warne wanted to become a detective and convinced Allen Pinkerton to hire. She went on to save a president and start her own successful agency of lady detectives.

Middle-Grade Books About Women in History

amelia lost

Amelia Lost

Amelia Earhart disappeared over the Pacific Ocean during her attempt to circumnavigate the globe in her plane but that doesn’t make her any less important!

rosa parks

Rosa Parks, My Story

Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus but she was a continued voice and activist in the civil rights movement.

lucky broken girl

Lucky Broken Girl

Achieving the American Dream wasn’t always easy. Ruthie Mizrahi, a Cuban-Jewish immigrant, is injured in an accident. Her recovery period gives her time to reflect on human nature, friendship and the power of the arts.

fannie never flinched

Fannie Never Flinched: One Woman’s Courage in the Struggle for American Labor Union Rights

Fannie Sellins fought for better working and living conditions for laborers in St. Louis and around the country. Much of what she fought for defined labor laws that still exist today.

Young Adult Literature Tells the History of Women

good girls revolt

The Good Girls Revolt: How the Women of Newsweek Sued their Bosses and Changed the Workplace

Women wanted to be reporters, journalists, and editors but in a male-dominated world, they rarely moved beyond basic reporting. In the first-ever class action lawsuit filed by women, forty-six women sued Newsweek claiming discrimination in the workplace.

elizabeth cady stanton and susan b anthony

Elizabeth Cady And Susan B. Anthony

Elizabeth Cady And Susan B. Anthony met on a street corner and formed an everlasting bond and friendship. Together the two challenged laws that oppressed women and fought for change.

votes for women

Votes for Women!: American Suffragists and the Battle for the Ballot

Some of the fiercest women in history fought long and hard to earn women the right to vote.

whole new ballgame

A Whole New Ball Game

For twelve years, some of the most talented female athletes earned a living playing baseball.

she takes a stand

She Takes a Stand: 16 Fearless Activists Who Have Changed the World

Whether fighting for human rights, civil rights, workers’ rights, reproductive/sexual rights, or world peace these 16 women took a stand and fought to change the world for better.

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womens history books for kids and teens

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