Cover of The Big Buna Bash by Sara Arnold

The Big Buna Bash | Celebrating Cultural Differences

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The Big Buna Bash by Sara Arnold is a perfect book for learning how to positively react to bullying. In this picture book, it teaches children to celebrate cultural differences over cups of coffee.

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About The Big Buna Bash

The Big Buna Bash is a book about Almaz, an Ethiopian girl who is different because of her culture. Many kids make fun of her. This book teaches some of the Ethiopian culture.

The problem is she is made fun of because of her culture and the students don’t understand the cultural differences. The solution is she hosts a big buna bash at her house to show off her culture’s true colors.

I felt like I could identify with Almaz because I got made fun of at my new school.

Almaz in class in the big buna bash

My 3 favorite things about The Big Buna Bash:

  1. Ethiopian culture is shown
  2. The author includes real Ethiopian words (like buna!)
  3. I can make connections to this book

Look out for what happens when Almaz gives everyone an invite to the bash.

buna bash invitation

The Big Buna Bash would be perfect for kids 7-10 years old who are interested in reading about cultural differences and how to respond to teasing. It would be great for anyone who is the new kid at school.

back cover of the big buna bash

About Sara Arnold

Sara C. Arnold is a buna loving author (that means she loves coffee). She was born in the USA and moved to Israel to teach English. She wrote this book to encourage children to understand and respect people who are different.

This was her first book, and I hope she writes more!

Cover of The Big Buna Bash by Sara Arnold

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